Scott De Long, a lifelong learner with an insatiable hunger for information, enrolled in and completed an executive leadership program at UC Berkeley’s famous Haas School of Business at the age of 45. He then went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Leadership Development from Chapman University. He recently received his Doctorate in Education with a concentration in Leadership Studies from Chapman University’s Donna Ford Attallah College of Educational Studies at the age of 60. 

Scott, without a doubt, is a goal achiever whose never-say-die mentality propels him to launch new initiatives, challenges, and experiences, regardless of his age. Scott now has a PhD as well as decades of experience as an entrepreneur who has successfully founded and built three previous businesses. 

During this period, he understood the issues that businesses face when they outgrow the founder’s ability to be involved in everything. His experience in his own businesses inspired the ideals that created Lead2Goals. Lead2Goals offers coaching and cross-functional team development services to enterprises, nonprofits, start-ups, and other entrepreneurial activities. According to Scott, by focusing on the frequently ignored but crucially necessary “soft skills,” Lead2Goals achieves their core goal of assisting organizations and employees in improving.

For the past nine years, Scott has been leading retreats for organizations ranging from industry associations to business groups, non-profits to businesses. Scott’s talents in managing small group communication enable him to disarm the most powerful egos and create an environment of respect, which leads to the development of trust and better relationships among team members. Scott defines the three characteristics of good leadership as “humility, empathy, and vulnerability.”