Priscilla De Travolta’s voyage into the unknown began at a young age when she discovered her intrinsic psychic powers, as she comes from a long line of psychics. Priscilla De Travolta went on a journey to understand the mysteries of the paranormal, combining her psychic abilities with a passion for knowledge.

Priscilla De Travolta has bravely entered haunted locales across the United States since 2004, meeting ghosts, spooks, and even evil beings. Priscilla’s ability in ghost hunting is unrivaled, having conducted over 300 investigations through her company, East Coast Ghost.

Priscilla De Travolta’s knowledge goes well beyond ghost hunting. She is a diverse practitioner who provides various services to individuals, celebrities and homeowners looking for answers from the supernatural realm especially as it pertains to their properties and environment.

Priscilla De Travolta emerges as a paranormal expert like no other. Priscilla has solidified her place as a trusted figure in the field with a long lineage of psychic skills, a significant track record of successful investigations, and a devotion to professionalism. Her distinct blend of traditional and modern practices and her commitment to client happiness set her apart from the competition. Priscilla’s unequaled expertise and unshakable commitment make her an essential asset for anybody daring to enter the unknown, whether eradicating spirits, ending hauntings or conducting psychic readings.

Priscilla’s connections and accreditations demonstrate her dedication to professionalism and ethics. While speaking on Founder’s Story with Daniel Robbins, Priscilla revealed that in her line of work, she adheres to the highest scientific rigor and ethical conduct requirements as a member of the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) and the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI).