While most pharmaceutical businesses want to save lives and aid people, the substances that go into their medications are just as significant as the medication itself.  When providing a solution, there maybe unknown problems or irritants even at trace levels. These things can cause a problem quickly or over time and regardless of how good the product is, we have learned as a population that the tiniest flaw in the contents might have a negative impact on the consumers. This is why Dr. Doug Strobel used his medical background to hand-craft Dr. Doug’s Balms with simple, organic ingredients that truly work.

Dr. Doug is a lifetime athlete, veteran and a neurologist. He has practiced medicine for nearly 20 years and has now created Dr. Doug’s Balms, an organic, naturally antibacterial body balm line alongside co-founder, Natalie Gardner. The Dr. Doug’s line has something to treat everything from itchy, dry skin and eczema to migraines, joint pain and to help you have more restful sleep.  

Dr. Doug noticed a need during his ultra and OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) adventures. There are great blister balms, chafing prevention and healing ointments on the market but that was too much to carry in his pocket or ruck. This motivation prompted him to develop the Original Miracle Balm: his all-in-one solution which would protect the skin from blisters and chafing and also to heal/soothe if needed out there.  From there the product line grew with the mission to create great, non-toxic products that actually work. 

Dr. Doug, on the other hand, is concerned with more than simply his clients’ skin. He is also concerned about the environment in which they live. As a result, he promotes the concept of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to preserve an environmentally sustainable company strategy and products. Natalie Garner, co-founder, says, “Ingredients are all-natural, organic, and sourced from all over the world to ensure quality as well as ethical integrity.”

Aside from being non-toxic and organic, Dr. Doug’s Balms has become famous for its variety of uses, quick-relief, healing and long-lasting qualities. It is non-greasy, leaves no stain on linens or clothing and the company offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.