AI is disrupting every facet of the world, and as Ken Mahoney of Mahoney Asset Management puts it, even if AI won’t necessarily replace every human job, it certainly would change the trajectory of how work is done and, most importantly, improve job efficiency. 

As the founder of Mahoney Asset Management, a leading financial management team comprises seasoned professionals who help their clients make sound financial decisions towards their retirements. With the changing times, Mahoney Assets Management is leveraging AI in their calculations for every fund and retirement plan they handle. This is simply because AI is tough to ignore at this point, and with a future driven mainly by AI, the stock market and the investment space would also be heavily influenced by AI.

Joined by his son, Connor Mahoney, a graduate of Quinnipiac University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, on the latest edition of Founder’s Story. Connor, who handles Client Navigation at Mahoney Assets Management, believes the technological revolution the world has seen and is still seeing will bring to fruition a fully automated and AI-driven future. 

For Connor, growing up in an era of high-definition gaming, displays and entertainment units, technological companies are committing billions of dollars to building higher GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) to increase the computing power of their gaming and entertainment units. Connor believes this makes it prudent for potential investors to look towards companies like Nvidia, Microsoft and others who are big on these technologies.