As the United States prepares for another election year, every tabloid and news media is flooded with one primary topic: voting integrity. This has been Lulu Friesdat’s life’s work, raising awareness before, during, and after elections regarding specific voting machines utilized and how these variables could have harmed the wait time and electoral process. 

Lulu Friesdat is an award-winning journalist, election integrity champion, and the creator of SMARTelection, an innovative, non-partisan organization that advocates for legislation that encourages secure, fair, accessible, well-administered, and publicly verifiable elections.

Lulu explained the origins of her campaign to Dianna Lammerts on Founder’s Story, following independent research in 2008 that inspired her to create documentaries and comments identifying flaws in the American voting process. She also raised a number of issues, including occasional errors generated by specific types of voting equipment, voter suppression, attempts by foreign players to alter vote counts, and gerrymandering.

With SMARTelections, Friesdat hopes to reach out to more Americans of voting age, as well as electoral policymakers, to teach them how to make good decisions, get involved in community decisions, follow best practices, and, most importantly, create more confidence, which will lead to greater participation in the electoral process in the long run.