Lesli Doares is a firm believer that marriages fail not because of failure on the part of the couples but instead because each party entered the marriage with high hopes. However, the inability of either party to live up to the other’s expectations is the foundation for most divorces. As a child of divorced parents herself, Lesli learned from an early age that when couples separate, nobody tends to look back at the kids or even check how well they are fairing. Today, Lesli is dedicated to helping families stay together and reduce the chances and rates of divorce. 

Lesli Doares is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the founder of Foundation Coaching, where she helps families navigate the positive and the negative aspects of their relationships. Speaking on Founder’s Story, Lesli said her practice is mainly focused on the challenges couples face. According to her, “If it’s working, don’t fix it,” therefore, issues like communication and financial decisions, which seem to be the foundation of many marital problems, are the focus for Lesli.

Lesli’s passion for creating happy, successful marriages and reducing the chance of divorce is driven by her desire never to see children go through similar experiences as she did as a kid. Thanks to her gift of understanding and ability to explain the dynamics of relationships in a way that helps her clients see the possibilities for their marriage, no matter how discouraged they are initially.

Lesli Doares is approachable and open. Her clients feel listened to and understood as she honestly and gently challenges them to think about their relationship in a new and different way.