Without a doubt, change is one of the most challenging ideas to get employees on board, not because they are anti-change but largely because of the numerous uncertainties attached to change. Karen Gilhooly is an experienced transformational leader who leads companies of all sizes through the entire process of change and, most importantly, gets the workforce to buy into the idea and leverage these changes for their professional advancement.

Karen Gilhooly is a bag of experience in various leadership roles across industries; she is the founder and managing partner of True North Collaboration LLC, which gives executives tools to increase employee engagement.

True North Collaboration LLC specializes in handling the emotional aspects of change by using a straightforward strategy that breaks through the clutter and resistance. We’ll give your frontline staff the freedom to express their thoughts, feelings, and worries and engage them in productive dialogue. 

Speaking on Founder’s Story, Karen acknowledges that obstacles and disappointments are a part of any transformation, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. She contends that it is necessary to recognize the benefits of preserving a highly motivated, engaged, and tuned-in work atmosphere. This is because all organizational levels—from the lowest to the highest—deliver a better customer experience and optimize revenue outcomes when people are inspired, fulfilled by their work, and united by common goals.