Leads are the most crucial asset in the fast-paced business world since they are the major drivers of growth and profitability. However, most salespeople need help to convert these leads into sales. According to Joel Yi, an outstanding sales trainer, to make any serious headway in sales, personnel must move beyond the magic words and phrases. This is because 80% of closed sales depends on the salesperson’s state and mindset.

Joel Yi is the founder of Joel Yi LLC. He is a high-ticket sales consultant whose work is committed to assisting businesses in identifying opportunities to alter their in-house sales systems. A considerable proportion of leads inside a company’s CRM may become inactive and be classed as “dead” due to a lack of recent engagement or conversion, as is often the case. On the other hand, Yi believes these dormant leads can be resurrected and converted into closed transactions.

Joel is now one of the leading high-ticket sales consultants in the world. He develops lethally effective sales teams, many of which generate millions of dollars for their clients. He has assisted companies worldwide in transforming their in-house sales methods so they may break past plateaus on their journey to their first seven or eight-figure year.

According to Joel, developing a distinct, sure-fire and dependable KPIs has helped him measure the strength of the businesses he has consulted for and help reposition their sales strategy to meeting their sales targets and even surpassing them most of the time.

Joel Yi is a Co-Instructor of the High-Ticket CloserTM Coaching Certification, which has trained over 8,000 students, and a member of the Dragon 100TM Advisory Board, where he has coached some of the most skilled sales professionals in the world.