Joe Simonetta has been formed by an uncommon combination of experiences, including degrees from elite universities such as Harvard Divinity School, the University of Colorado, and Penn State University. He’s also worn several hats, from Army officer to professional athlete to sought-after speaker, author, and twice-nominated U.S. Congressman.

Joe Simonetta, an author, lecturer, and humanist, won gold in the 2023 National Senior Games Triathlon at the age of 80. He has devoted his life to unraveling the complexities of global well-being and human potential. Leveraging his extensive expertise and experiences, one of his popular books, “7 Words That Change The World,” reflects his profound grasp of humanity and its place in the universe.

In the book, Simonetta observes that humans exist as a tiny fragment of an immensely larger interlocking in which all of the parts are interconnected and depend upon each other for survival. His writings and contributions to the knowledge of the world, spirituality, and the environment has drawn attention and plaudits from a variety of audiences. Today, he is a source of inspiration for everyone.

Simonetta has realized that life is an interrelated interdependent phenomena in his endeavors to reduce suffering and heal the world. From reversing global warming and climate change to establishing world peace, Simonetta believes humanity must understand that we exist as a tiny fragment of an immensely larger interlocking whole in which all parts are interconnected and dependent on each other for survival. As a result, even the most insignificant activity has an impact on everything on Earth, not just on humans.