Data has the potential to provide a more personalized experience for the world, and regardless of how complex data regulations are, there is a need to increase trust between corporations and consumers. Jodi Daniels, a privacy consultant, feels that data should not be complicated, and she strives to achieve this through her company, Red Clovers Advisors.  

With prior experience as an advertiser, Jodi observed several bottlenecks in the advertising sector, particularly regarding how privacy in the marketing space was attempting to self-regulate itself and how important it was to use data within the organization. She immediately realized that this loophole would lead to a larger business, so she opened her practice. 

Red Clover Advisors is a data privacy strategy and compliance firm that provides flexible and scalable services to reduce the complexity of data privacy. Red Clover Advisors uses a dedicated data and privacy team to review, update, or develop privacy frameworks that make business and legal challenges accessible and actionable. 

Red Clover Advisors, according to Jodi, is the leading privacy advice firm because of its staff of certified privacy professionals (CIPP/US/E/A), data analytics, data governance, and privacy legal experience. She says this makes it easier for Red Clover Advisor to fulfill its purpose of integrating the practitioner-level expertise required to produce long-term privacy program outcomes.

Speaking to Daniel Robbins on Founder’s Story, Jodi describes the mission at Red Clover Advisory as “Helping businesses embrace new and improved ways of working with data, beyond compliance to create a privacy-friendly strategy that builds trust with customers.”