Every surgical treatment is separated into three phases: pre-surgery, operation, and post-operation recovery. While each step is equally vital, the post-operation recovery phase is the most commonly overlooked. After witnessing most people’s attitudes toward recovery following a surgical operation, Laura Alexis was inspired to create Make It Pop

Laura thought she had had enough of the terrible battle between herself and her reflection in the mirror after nearly 15 years. She realized it was time to find a lasting solution, even if all of the quick-fix therapies she had tried in the past had only provided short relief. Following her pregnancy, she chose to have a Mummy Makeover despite her phobia of invasive surgery. She overcame her anxieties and had a belly tuck with liposuction, which started a new roller-coaster journey.

Despite losing the excess fat in her body through the treatment, Laura felt something was lacking, particularly emotionally. This inspired her to launch Make It Pop, a post-op platform that provides much-needed mental support to people recovering from surgical procedures. 

Make It Pop is a post-surgery recovery platform that focuses on physical, nutritional assistance, emotional and mental coaching. It provides patients access to an empowering community of women on the same journey.

The Make It Pop program participants are educated on what their body requires to sustain itself through healthy exercise and diet. Make It Pop also gives them the tools to build mental power and stamina to overcome any mental dips they may experience.