Throughout a career spanning 20 years as an entrepreneur, Jeff Fenster has been many things, including a payroll expert, a podcast host, a relationship capital expert, a digital marketer, and the founder of a construction company. Jeff’s secret to this longevity and consistency lies in the relationships and connections he has managed to establish and nurture through the years. Today, even after building businesses worth over a hundred million dollars, Jeff is not resting on his oars; he currently leads Everbowl, a food chain business. 

Jeff Fenster is a relationship capital expert, podcast host, best-selling author, and award-winning entrepreneur. He has had great success as an entrepreneur, having founded a digital marketing agency, a construction company, a chain of fast food restaurants, and a payroll and HR company. However, Jeff lives by the idea of putting people first in all he does.

Jeff Fenster has profited immensely from his ties with mentors throughout his career, and he urges others to follow suit. Finding a mentor was often considered unmanly, but he contends that modern ways of thinking and doing business have rendered it essential.

Speaking on Founder’s Story, Jeff, who was listed as one of the Empact100 Showcase Top 100 Entrepreneurs for 2013, explained that he decided to construct a media machine to establish a personal brand that resonates with people instead of focusing on making ads to sell his businesses. Athletes, celebrities, and successful business people share their success stories and insights on the Jeff Fenster Show, a highly regarded podcast, along with giving speeches across the nation on the subjects of vertical integration, real networking, and an entrepreneurial attitude.