The adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is well underway as more individuals, businesses, and countries continue to join the global drive towards reducing their carbon footprint and making the environment safer and more conducive. However, this adoption has not been without barriers, some of which EVPassport seeks to eliminate. EVPassport is a charging infrastructure firm that provides charging infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to commercial organizations to help them accomplish their EV ambitions. In other words, EVPassport delivers all of the hardware, software, firmware, and communication on a single platform, as well as installing, operating, and maintaining the chargers for businesses. 

Because regular petrol stations have no technological or financial limitations, EVPassport was designed to eliminate all barriers. As a result, EVPassport does not require the usage of mobile applications because it employs an open-source API that allows easy integration into third-party apps that users are already familiar with. Their chargers, for example, can be found in many GPS apps, both on smartphones (such as Google Maps) and in built-in car navigation systems. Customers can make payments using apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

While speaking on Founder’s Story, Shahidi revealed that since its inception in 2020, EVPassport has installed 5,000 chargers in 35 states across the United States, and three countries including Canada, and Mexico. EVPassport provides a unique solution powered by the 60-second heartbeat, one of the most reliable networks of electric chargers. This implies that every 60 seconds, every charger reconnects to the headquarters in Los Angeles, where a series of tests are carried out to ensure everything is functioning properly. According to Shahidi, this guarantees EVPassport uptime of 99.97%.