Paraguay is a big country with massive arable land mass with only a measly 7 million human population. The implication of this surplus is the availability of large-scale food production, which is precisely what entrepreneurs like Carsten Pfau are currently leveraging as a way of ensuring food security, not only for Paraguayans but the rest of the world. 

Carsten Pfau founded Agri Terra, an agricultural company based in Paraguay with heavy investment in farmlands for producing food, grains and vegetables of all kinds and livestock. The goal for Carsten is to ensure there is enough food to go round the local population in Paraguay and even in excess for export purposes to meet the needs of the world’s growing population.

Speaking on Founder’s Story, when asked to evaluate how well his decision to invest in the agricultural sector in Paraguay has paid off, Pfau cited that even though it has a 7 million population, Paraguay is currently producing food for 80 million people annually, meaning there is enough surplus to export and contribute immensely to the country’s GDP.

Undoubtedly, agriculture is one of the few traditional sectors whose importance cannot be underscored even with the rise of tech and AI. Companies like Agri Terra are contributing massively to ensuring that food shortage becomes history. As part of the company’s five-year projection, Carsten says the plan is to make food, water, and shelter available for the rest of the world and those in need.