Divorce is a hot topic, especially in states like California, where there are provisions for spousal support or what is generally known as alimony; very few divorce attorneys have mastered the art of navigating these pitfalls to ensure that they come out of the proceedings with a win for their clients. Holly J. Moore of Moore Family Law Group is one of the few attorneys who has carved a niche in divorce proceedings.

Holly J. Moore is a highly skilled and committed divorce lawyer with over 15 years of experience in family law. She has an unrelenting enthusiasm for helping people navigate the difficult and emotionally taxing process of going through a divorce. Renowned for her vast legal expertise and compassionate demeanor, she has garnered honors and acknowledgment as a prominent figure in her domain. She established Moore Family Law Group as a founding attorney.

From high-profile situations involving corporate leaders, professional athletes, celebrities, and other VIP clients to more typical contentious and uncontested divorces, Holly J. Moore has expertly handled various divorce matters. She is an expert in property division, spousal support cases, child custody issues, and more, and she always makes sure that her methods are specifically customized to meet the needs and objectives of each client. 

Holly gives her clients the tools they need to handle the difficulties of divorce with assurance and confidence by providing them with individualized and successful legal assistance. Speaking on Founder’s Story, she stated that she always assigns an expert to each divorce case she handles rather than focusing on a person’s present income.