In the latest edition of Founder’s Story, serial entrepreneur, performance coach, and business expert Hilary DeCesare told Daniel Robbins she looked forward to a world where more than 50% of women-led businesses reach over a million dollars. Hilary believes the  current figure at 2% is ridiculous. Against this backdrop, she is raising the next generation of successful female entrepreneurs through The Relaunch Company

The name Hilary DeCesare shines tall as a beacon of inspiration in business counseling and empowering female entrepreneurs. Her road to achievement was not without difficulties. Hilary, a high-earning CEO in Silicon Valley, lost touch with her genuine self under tremendous stress. However, a life-changing event occurred when her mother died unexpectedly, igniting a transforming revelation that would change her life forever.

Hilary DeCesare is a business expert, international best-selling author, and podcast host. She is a sought-after speaker, the creator of The ReLaunch Co., and a former top account manager at Oracle. She gives new vitality to industry leaders, CEOs, and solopreneurs. As a sought-after speaker, she is among the first women to raise almost 1/4 billion in sales for tech giant Oracle and millions of dollars in venture capital for several successful startups.

She holds a psychology degree and a range of certifications in her field, with years of experience to back up her expertise and countless press features. She is also a Forbes Coaches Council thought leader. DeCesare, a pioneer in neuropsychology applied to business and life, highlights a heart-driven path through today’s landscape.

The ReLaunch Co. has become a safe sanctuary for women in various stages of life or jobs who want to enhance their personal and professional goals. Hilary and her team offer science-based programs that are both useful and effective. From the free online assessment to the highly sought-after business acceleration program, The ReLaunch Co. has positively touched the lives of thousands of women, empowering them to reinvent their success narratives.

In a world plagued by stress and lured by escape, Hilary DeCesare and The ReLaunch Co. are changing the narrative for women entrepreneurs.