When Dr. Mark Leong said, “The food you eat is either killing you or healing you,” he speaks not only as a nutrition expert but also as someone who has experienced firsthand the role of diet and treatment procedures on human well-being. This discovery has led him to establish Farmz Asia,  a health program looking educate millions of people around the world.

Speaking on Founder’s Story, Dr. Mark Leong recalls his father’s experience with cancer and radiation treatment. According to him, his father was given six months to live, but over time, it was observed that the treatment procedure was doing more harm than good. This pushed the young Dr. Mark into creating a plant-based nutrition and diet for his ailing father, completely weaning him off pharmaceutical treatment. His father would go on to live for an additional four years after the dietary and lifestyle changes proved to be the turning point in his treatment process. 

Today, nearly a decade down the line, Farmz Asia has pivoted and grown into a larger Health Edutech company that is creating not just health programs that don’t rely on pharmaceutical drugs but also the creators of nutritional and food guidance in Asia, with the mission to educate millions of individuals and families on how to eat right. In addition, Farmz Asia is filled with a team of doctors, nutritionists, and lifestyle and fitness experts who are committed to the mission of “empowering people with tup to date nutrition information through technology, preventing chronic lifestyle diseases and obesity.”