Every organization needs to review not only the internal structure but also its processes and modes of delivering its services and how best to achieve this, if not through Information Technology, Digitization and Emotional Intelligence. Transformational leader Dr. Keera Godfrey leads her team at Naris Communications to help organizations activate strategy and increase performance and productivity through a human-centered approach.

Dr. Keera Godfrey is the creator and CEO of Naris Communications, a transformative platform that aligns people to their fullest potential through human-based research. Naris Communications works with leaders to create organizational ecosystems that support and empower people to thrive. In particular, new IT systems and process enhancement are two areas where Naris Communications assists leaders in getting their teams ready for planned organizational transformation. 

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Godfrey is a creative and adept transformational leader and user adoption strategist who helps businesses activate strategy, boost performance, and increase productivity using a human-centered approach. As a thought leader, Dr. Godfrey has pushed for assisting leaders in developing emotional intelligence and meaningful relationships with their teams to foster environments for long-lasting transformation.

Speaking on Founder’s Story, Dr. Godfrey said change is not successful without full adoption. Therefore, Naris Communications helps organizational leaders cultivate alignment to move forward in one direction, as well as work closely with project teams and end-users at all levels of the organization to manage the people side of transformation initiatives.