Obstacles have become an essential part of life as we know it and for every human, at some point during their journey, they’d face situations and threats that threaten to destabilize them. Dr. Dallas Dance sees these challenges as not just a pathway, but instead, a requisite for leadership, and according to him, throughout his several years of operating at the highest level as an educator, a leader is as good as his ability to overcome and help others overcome challenges. 

Speaking on Top Leaders with Diana Lammerts, Dr. Dance revealed the strategy which has helped him become established as a leading figure in the educational sector, as well as help other potential leaders emerge. In his words, “Every leader must first learn to live with themselves,” meaning, a leader’s ability to take accountability is just as important as critiquing others. Mental health wellness and balance  is another crucial aspect of creating great leaders.

Through his profession, Dr. Dallas Dance aims to inspire and influence the next generation of leaders in nonprofits, businesses, and organizations, particularly schools and universities. He has over 15 years of experience in organizational improvement, talent and leadership development, and strategic planning and advising. He was also the superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools before becoming a consultant and executive. He pioneers equity-centered changes and positively impacts company culture by applying his expertise and skillset, including his book, Deliberate Leadership, a leadership planner formulated to guide and assist leaders on their growth journey.

One of his lessons discussed is how to accept failure and grow from it. Dr. Dance is especially dedicated to educating people on how to overcome challenges, own up to mistakes, find forgiveness, practice humility, and bravely share one’s story to motivate others.