When family legacy meets excellence, the result is usually iconic and mind blowing. This is the case of Kartell, a family-run plastic contemporary furniture, founded after the Second World War in 1949, and currently run by second and third generation members of the family. As Lorenza Luti, Marketing and Retail Director puts it, the reinvention of Kartell through the years is the secret to how the company has remained successful and competitive in the furniture and interior design industry. 

With over 70 years of innovation and creativity, Kartell is widely regarded as a symbol of progressive Italian design. Describing the core of Kartell’s operations while speaking to Dianna Lammerts on Founder’s Story, Lorenza said “Kartell has always been committed to laying solid foundations for the future, and reflecting them in products that are conceived and manufactured thanks to investments in technological innovation, creative design solutions and new, advanced and sustainable materials.”

Lorenza mentioned that because Kartell’s goal over the past three decades has been to turn plastic into a rich material—something it wasn’t before—the brand has come to be associated with creative plastic usage. Furthermore, the company is up to date with its environmental sustainability goals. As a result, the premium plastic that serves as Kartell’s primary production source is 99% recyclable, meaning neither during nor after production is there wastage or the release of gas or contaminated water. What’s most astounding is that Kartell returns any item or design that doesn’t fit their creative criteria to the machine, where it can be chopped, redone, or transformed into something new.