From overcoming adversities to rebuilding his life from scratch is the headline story for Brandon Elliott, who has seen it all, from getting house arrest and burning 40% of his body. Today, Brandon is worth millions of dollars, with a business empire behind his success. He has also been named a part of “Top 100 Yahoo Finance.” In a conversation with Founder’s Story, Brandon gets into the details of how he built a multi-million dollar company from nothing.

In addition to hosting “The Ready Set Go Podcast,” Brandon Elliott serves as President and CEO of Credit Counsel Elite. Upon witnessing the impact that bad credit may have on an individual’s standard of living, Brandon decided to build these businesses. Although Brandon views real estate as the means of his escape from misery, credit is the instrument that enabled him to achieve financial independence, generate riches for future generations, and lead the life he has always desired. In order to help as many people and families as possible achieve financial freedom and generational riches, he launched Credit Counsel Elite. 

Credit Counsel Elite, in Brandon’s opinion, is more than simply a credit agency; it is a company dedicated to helping people understand credit and wealth-generating tactics so they can concentrate on the things that count in life—their dreams, lifestyles, and present or future investments. 

Credit Counsel Elite shows how the wealthy are becoming wealthier by demonstrating the value of having good debt and providing access to several six-figure loans with no interest. In addition, it imparts knowledge of transformative abilities such as clearing complex queries, debts, and bankruptcies.