Understanding the human mind was a big motivator for Dr. Betsy Guerra to pursue a career in psychology. Despite having a Ph.D. in psychology and over 20 years of listening to patients and guiding them through life, Dr. Betsy Guerra tightly grasped her religion through her worst moments. She claims her therapeutic and psychological training did not prepare her for such a loss. 

Betsy Guerra is a devout Christian who incorporates spirituality and God’s guidance into everything she does and claims to have the Holy Spirit as a business partner. She is a loving wife and mother of four who lived a storybook existence until she experienced a mother’s greatest nightmare. Betsy’s daughter died suddenly in 2013. She had direct experience with tremendous agony and understood how life may sometimes feel intolerable. Her faith, however, lifted her out of her pain, and she now utilizes her platform, Better with Betsy, to help others do the same.

Betsy helps her clients rise above adversity, develop successful relationships, and deepen their spirituality–all to live a purpose-driven and joyful life inspired by divine knowledge and using her exceptional clinical abilities. She has created and led several programs and communities through which individuals and marriages have experienced rejuvenation and improvements. One of such programs is the Faith-Based Coaching Academy, a heart-centered, certified service-oriented platform that integrates psychology, spirituality, and personal application to help people who are grieving become unstuck so they can find hope to drive on.