Undoubtedly, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is making inroads and changing how we do things. The disruption caused by AI in recent times has led to conclusions from certain quarters that AI is coming to take every job. However, financial advisor Ken Mahoney does not see AI as a threat but as a tool to leverage and get jobs done quicker. Ken’s company, Mahoney Assets Management, is a financial advisory firm that helps individuals and businesses manage their funds.

Ken Mahoney, the CEO of Mahoney Asset Management, is a financial expert, advisor and a contributor for Fox Business and Bloomberg. He is the author of nine books on planning for retirement. Ken uses his decades of experience to tailor solutions for each person’s needs so that their investments can provide them with the income they need throughout their lifetime. Ken’s best-selling book ‘Not Your Father’s Retirement’ compares his father’s retirement, a union worker with a pension, annuity, health care, vision, and dental benefits, to today’s retirements which rely primarily on 401k ‘s, IRA and Social Security.

According to Ken Mahoney, planning for retirement can be a lot of work, and he has seen first-hand how confusing retirees get as their retirement approaches; however, with Mahoney Asset Management, they are provided with industry-proven strategies to put their money to work and enjoy the benefits post-retirement.

At Mahoney Asset Management, there is no “one-size-fits-all.” Ken Mahoney says, “We really get to know you so that we can create a customized roadmap to help you reach your retirement goals.” This is done using the company’s GPS retirement system, which helps them gain insight into the client’s financial situation and use that information to get them on the path to retirement. “You choose the destination, and our GPS, specifically our GPS Projection, helps us get you there.” He concludes.

Learn more about Ken Mahoney and Mahoney Asset Management via the company’s official website.

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