Food production and distribution have suffered massively in the last three years, first due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces in early 2022, which has affected the prices, availability and distribution of fertilizers and food items, especially grains. However, to fix the food crisis, individuals and countries worldwide are committing a sizable amount of capital to invest in agriculture, and one of those individuals is Carsten Pfau, the founder and CEO of Agri Terra.

Carsten Pfau is the founder and CEO of Agri Terra, an agricultural company based in Paraguay with heavy investment in farmlands for producing food, grains and vegetables of all kinds and livestock. The goal for Carsten is to ensure there is enough food to go round the local population in Paraguay and even in excess for export purposes, to meet the need of the world’s growing population.

On his choice of Paraguay for production, Carsten cited the competitive edge that Paraguay provides farmers, being a large country with just seven million inhabitants. The wide range of arable land available for agricultural purposes makes it a perfect destination for food production. This is because other countries most likely need more land or have a large population.

Thanks to the efforts of agri-entrepreneurs like Carsten, Paraguay is currently producing food for 80 million people, meaning there is excess to be exported to countries where they don’t have enough food, and as such, contribute to Paraguay’s GDP and at the same time keep the world’s population fed.

Undoubtedly, agriculture is of the few traditional sectors whose importance cannot be underscored even with the rise of tech and AI. And companies like Agri Terra are contributing massively in ensuring that food shortage becomes history, and as part of the company’s five-year projection, Carsten says the plan is to make food, water, and shelter available for.

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