FLATIRON (PIX11) — What started out as a passion project for a husband-wife duo flourished into an empire.

Felipe Donnelly and Tamy Rofe hosted dinner parties in their pint-sized New York City apartment. The couple’s now at the helm of three Latin American-inspired restaurants – Colonia Verde in Fort Greene, Disco Tacos in Williamsburg and Comodo in Flatiron. There was no shortage of obstacles on their path to success.

“To say that you are fearless going into this, I mean there is no way.,” Donnelly told PIX11.

Rofe couldn’t agree more.

“I feel like if you have no fear, then you are too cocky and I don’t know what your chances of success are,” she said.

They attribute their success to the culture and allow it to lead the way. Comodo- their latest venture – serves up bold flavors, inviting guests to get comfortable.

“It’s very almost autobiographical, in a sense, and growing up in Latin America, growing up in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and just being inspired constantly by the flavors,” Donnelly said.

Now that they are established, the couple wants to pay it forward. As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, they plan to host the next crop of aspiring chefs, inviting them inside their restaurant to strut their stuff. It will be similar to how they did it back in their New York City apartment over a decade ago.

“I mean, we could always give advice but honestly, every restaurant is an organism and it’s so different like there isn’t any advice like you just have to live it and learn it,” Rofe said.

The Dinner Party Series will be hosted at Comodo. As Rofe puts it, “in order to pass down the baton, we are inviting people who are playing with throwing magical dinner parties. Perhaps as a side gig, perhaps a bit more seriously looking into spaces to lease, or folks who might have recently just opened a brick and mortar and could use some spreading the word.”