NEW YORK (PIX11) — Thomas Forbes-Johnson is your quintessential Hollywood stuntman, but he’s now found himself in a new kind of role.

Forbes-Johnson was initially hired as a stuntman for the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster “The Lost City,” but that all changed when the director decided to build a role around him opposite Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe.

“We were in a cave in the middle of the jungle and then they decided to write this character for what was originally to be Mustache, then turned into Julian. His backstory was he used to be an assassin, but his real passion is flowers,” Forbes-Johnson said.

When the opportunity to act presented itself, Forbes-Johnson was ready.

“I’ve been training acting on the side because there is always the opportunity that they will give you a line and you don’t want to muff it up,” said Forbes-Johnson.

Another new experience for Forbes-Johnson was walking the red carpet with the cast and his wife, Sophie.

“I’ve never done the red carpet. I’ve never pulled up in the car and been escorted … People calling your name and then doing the interviews,” said Forbes-Johnson. “It was a first for me but very exciting.”

As it turns out, Radcliffe wants to use him in his next movie as well.  

“We hit it off as two Englishmen on this huge production,” Forbes-Johnson said. “He came back and he started shooting a movie called “Weird Al” and I got hired to be the guy that fights him in that as well.”

While he may have the acting bug, you can bet he won’t be giving up his action-packed moves.

“I think I’ll always be dipping my toe into stunts,” Forbes-Johnson said.