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Theater couple Michael Urie and Ryan Spahn join host Tamsen Fadal to talk about how they stayed creative in quarantine and were collaborating on the award-winning virtual Buyer & Cellar.

“We know our way around a set as a couple putting something together,” Spahn said. “I think a lot of couples or people in quarantine together maybe don’t have that initial skill set. They learned it over the course of the pandemic, and we launched in having already figured out how to work together.”

The pair worked together on Buyer & Cellar entirely from their living room.

“It was crazy and extremely exciting,” Urie said of that experience. “When it was over, I took a bow, our cameras went off, and it was quiet in here. I walked over to Ryan, and I was like, ‘Did it work?'”

“To see how theater companies have found ways to stay busy and to keep actors employed—there have been so many exciting projects that have come around,” Urie said regarding virtual theater.