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“Wicked” returns to Broadway’s Gershwin Theatre on Sept. 14, and Ginna Claire Mason will return to play Glinda the Good. She spoke to host, Tamsen Fadal about stepping back into the role.

“I just could not be more thrilled about coming together again with this community,” she said.

Mason, who is a new mother, teamed up with her best friend Mary Kate Morrissey, who appeared as Elphaba in the national tour of “Wicked,” to teach students virtually during the pandemic.

“You cannot contain an artist. They are going to want to express. They are going to want to bring their art into the world,” she said. “I’ve been so inspired by my castmates and by other members of the community who have created businesses, who have grown their families, who have traveled, who have found new passions. People are finding ways to grow their artistry outside of the theaters.”

Mason is excited to descend upon the Gershwin Theatre in the bubble once more: “Coming back together, we’re going to see a community that is rested, that is creatively inspired, that is more united than ever and just excited to get to perform again.”

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