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Joan Rivers loved Broadway. She loved the plays, she loved the people and perhaps she loved performing most of all.

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The legendary comedian and Tony-nominated actress recently said she wanted to come back to the great white way to reprise her role in “Sally Marr…and her escorts,” which she co-wrote.

Joan Rivera starred in her very first off-Broadway play in 1959. It was called “Driftwood.” Rivers played a lesbian, opposite an equally unknown Barbra Streisand.

“She got cast and they said now there’s nothing open expect the boyfriend,” Rivers said in an interview with “I said, make them lesbians. He was so desperate so he said okay. I gave Babs a kiss. She was a good kisser!”

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Joan appeared on Broadway a total of three times over her career.

First in 1972, when she made her debut in “Fun City” then in “Broadway Bound.”

But it was in 1994 when Rivers was nominated for a Best Actress Tony Award for her role in “Sally Marr…and her escorts.”

And of course, there were her many one-woman shows that went on through the years

When Rivers wasn’t on stage, she was close to it. She was a frequent theatre-goer, hitting the red carpet and making appearances at shows like “Kinky Boots,” “Rocky,” and “Romeo and Juliet”

Always making people laugh, even before the curtains went up.

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