NEW YORK (PIX11) — Sharon Sweeting-Lindsey, a retired major in the Army Reserve, is a one-woman army making a difference by helping thousands of food-insecure families.

For the last five years, at the American Legion Post in Rosedale, Queens, they’ve provided fresh food to thousands of people. Major Sweeting-Lindsey retired from the United Army Reserve after 26 years and has been running the pantry serving families and fellow veterans.

“I run four pantries and one soup kitchen and we’re getting ready to open up another soup kitchen downstairs,” Sweeting-Lindsey said.

After starting the food pantry at American Legion Post, Sweeting-Lindsey was tapped to become the commander of the post. She was the first woman of color to hold that position.

In recent months, Sweeting-Lindsey has expanded her work and helped some of the asylum seekers arriving in New York City from Mexico and Venezuela, especially families that are living in shelters in Queens.

“I noticed that they were getting the level of services that I felt that a person should need with children,” she said.

Sweeting-Lindsey has been selected for New York’s Remarkable Woman Award. Her reward is a thousand-dollar donation to a non-profit of her choice.