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UK-born Jon Burgerman is known worldwide as a leading figure in the popular “doodle” art style. Today, this Brooklyn-based artist is pushing the limits of this colorful artform.

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As kids, many can draw for hours, letting their imaginations take them to far away places where characters have their own existence, conceived just moments before pen hits paper.

But as people grow older, many stop drawing and the worlds they used to create become a distant thought, tucked away in childhood memories.

This was not the case for Jon Burgerman.

Jon Burgerman is an English-born, New York City based artist. Growing up in Nottingham, U.K., he realized early on that he would need to branch out to push the limits on his work.

“Growing up in the UK, it’s all very familiar to me and I don’t think that necessarily leads to making interesting work. I had to break that in a massive way so I could do new stuff,” Burgerman said.

His big break came when Burgerman visited New York to exhibit some of his work.

“I was showing my work in a gallery in Bushwick and I was staying here for a few months and I always felt sad leaving… I really felt that New York energy that people always talk about and it was inspiring,” he said. “I used to commute to my old studio on the subway and I think a lot of people frame the commute as a ‘shlep’ and it is in a way but at the same time it’s a real cross section of people and what they get up too in there, we’re all squished in these tubes shooting around so I found that inspiring and made a lot of work during my commute on my phone which is like a little pocket studio.”


Today, Jon Burgerman is known worldwide as a leading figure in the popular “doodle” art style.

Burgerman continues to push his own boundaries as an artist by forcing himself to use new materials (he recently started experimenting with spray paint) from his home studio based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

His work is placed between fine art, urban art and pop-culture with a humorous flare and references from the areas he’s traveled too and people he’s met along the way.

He’s collaborated with brands such as Apple, Instagram, Snapchat, Pepsi, CocaCola, Nike, Puma and Levis just to name a few.

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