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NEW YORK, NY, JULY 30, 2021 – The National Dominican Day Parade, Inc. ( a
nonprofit, national organization that promotes the culture and folklore of the Dominican
people in the United States and whose mission is to fund raise in support of talented
students in their educational endeavors announced today that the pandemic had
cancelled all parades. But that did not stop in 2020 to successfully showcase a
virtual celebration of the “Dominican Spirit.” In mid-June NYC informed that
they would be permitted and be the first organization on 6th Avenue (with full street
closure) to display and uplift their community. Although mindful that the challenge of the
time is still delicate the organizers felt compelled in 2021 to focus “Hacia Delante and
Move Forward.” Advancing and uplifting our community takes perseverance, resiliency,
hope, adaptation, growth, courage and transformation that will lead to a victory in all
situations. We must be mindful and respectful but knowing that our Honorees exemplify
these attributes of advancing our “Dominicanidad” there was no option but to produce
on Friday, August 6 a Benefit Gala, on Sunday, August 8 a Virtual Parade live streamed
(12pm-1Pm) and continue at 6th Avenue (1pm-3:30pm) with on stage performances and
presentation of our people” said newly elected Chair Cristina Contreras.
This year’s honorees are a diverse, talented and accomplished group, to name a few;
Leading the group of Honorees and this year’s Grand Marshal is the beloved Nelson
Javier. He is one the most respected media personalities in the Dominican Republic. He
is better known in the Dominican Republic as the “El Cocodrilo” Crocodile. Nelson
Javier is a veteran broadcaster, producer, and television host. Bridging our Motherland
to our work in the USA has been our priority. This year live streaming all our effort both
here and there meets that objective. “It gives me great honor that has
selected me to be the storyteller of their work y lo hago con mucho orgullo!” said
Nelson Javier. Joining him is the distinguished Dominican Consul Eligio Jáquez, who
assumed the position as Dominican Consul in New York City on August 22, 2020,
progressively representing the Dominican government, promoting Dominican
participation initiatives to strengthen ties that unite the Dominicans in the U.S. and in
the Dominican Republic. During these enduring times our students need a champion
leader who has fought to elevate the level of education for all Dominicans, we have the
Honorable Guillermo Linares, President of the New York State Higher Education
Services Corporation (HESC). The NatDDP is also proud to recognize the trailblazing
lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island Sabina Matos who is working for equity in wages
and housing as well as Johana Vargas Casanova, a licensed professional engineer and
real estate development professional supporting mission driven developments in
Chicago creating more housing opportunities for seniors, families, and people of
During the pandemic our Honoree Tomas Ramos exemplified resiliency and recovery when he led initiatives to test, vaccinate, and feed those most vulnerable. In Philadelphia Jessica Jayy Nunez, AGT (America’s Got Talent) contestant and talented singer who has shown strength despite enduring her family’s tragic story.
From the Dominican Republic and now living with his basketball coach in Florida, Hansel Emmanuel Donato
“Kikimita,” surpassing all expectations and proving that two hands don’t define your willingness to succeed.
There are several more men and women of distinction that will be unveiled during our festivities. This year’s
honorees are not only moving forward but they are advancing Dominicanidad all over the world.
We will recognize Johnny Ventura, who transitioned recently, but has left the World a legacy of his musical talents. He
will forever live in the hearts of all Dominicans, and we will honor him with musical tributes at our Gala and at our 6th
Avenue presentation.
Most important and the heart of our organization are the scholarship recipients. During our festivities we will present
students from 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 with their certificates. Stories of our scholars from 2015 to the present and
how they have excelled are important stories to be told. To date over $600,000 has been awarded to our students in
scholarships. Visit to learn more.
We welcome new BOD Gregoria Feliciano, Manny Saez and Remysell Salas. Visit to learn
Working closely with our NYC and NYS partners to ensure the safety and health of our community all our activities will
be restricted to comply with applicable safety protocols. We request our participants and guests be vaccinated, maintain
social distancing and wear a mask.
Visit for tickets.