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Law Firm Files Class Action Suit Against Taco Bell Over Skimpy Ingredients

Photos of a Crunch Wrap Supreme as advertised next to a Crunch Wrap Supreme a customer received, and a Mexican Pizza as advertised next to a Mexican Pizza a customer received.Photos of a Crunch Wrap Supreme as advertised next to a Crunch Wrap Supreme a cu

Image from the lawsuit showing differences in food items

This week, Anthony Russo and James C. Kelly filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell for alleged "unfair and deceptive trade practices for falsely advertising".

This is not just about getting what you pay for, it's about truth in advertising...and respecting the consumer. We've seen a pattern in fast food...and we believe [they] must be held accountable.”
— Anthony Russo
NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Case 1:23-cv-05748

The Russo Firm and The Law Office of James C. Kelly, both known for their work in advertising practices within the fast-food industry, have announced a significant lawsuit against Taco Bell. The litigation alleges that Taco Bell has been "consistently skimpy and under-fill[ing] ingredients" in their menu items.

The filing states that: "This is a class action against Taco Bell for unfair and deceptive trade practices for falsely advertising the amount of beef and/or ingredients contained in Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme®, Grande Crunchwrap®, Vegan Crunchwrap®, Mexican Pizza, and Veggie Mexican Pizza menu items...".

The filing includes multiple photos of the advertised menu item side-by-side with actual photos of the same menu items that real people received when they ordered from Taco Bell.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Plaintiff Frank Siragusa, on behalf of himself and all other similarly situated individuals, by and against Defendant Taco Bell Corp. (“Taco Bell”).

The lawsuit continues by alleging that Taco Bell "materially overstates the amount of beef and/or ingredients contained in
its advertisements for the Overstated Menu Items by at least double the amount".

Regarding the photos they use as allegations, Russo and Kelly state that "Taco Bell uses the same uniform photographs on Taco Bell’s in-store and drive-thru menu ordering boards, on the website Tacobell.com, and on food delivery service websites and mobile ordering applications, including Ubereats.com, Postmates.com, Grubhub.com, Seamless.com, and Doordash.com."

The lawsuit summarizes by saying that "Taco Bell’s advertisements for the Overstated Menu Items are unfair and financially damaging to consumers as they are receiving a product that is materially lower in value than what is being promised."

This lawsuit has already received major coverage from news outlets, including CNN, CBS, TODAY, and Reuters.

Anthony Russo of The Russo Firm—one of the petitioning attorneys on the case—has filed similar lawsuits in the past against other large fast-food companies. These include lawsuits against Burger King, Wendy's, and Mcdonald's, where they challenged alleged deceptive advertising and under-delivery of ingredients.

Each of these lawsuits resulted in changes to the company's advertising policies and practices.

According to Russo, "This lawsuit against Taco Bell aims to bring attention to what The Russo Firm believes is a pattern of behavior within the industry. Customers have frequently complained about receiving items with inadequate filling, inconsistent with the portrayal in Taco Bell's advertising."

At the current moment, consumers cannot participate in the class action lawsuit. If and when consumers are eligible to apply, it will be announced through the appropriate outlets.

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