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  • Green Keepers keep the city beautiful while turning their lives around

    UPPER WEST SIDE, Manhattan — They keep the city green and clean and you see them year around at various parks. The Green Keepers are a special group given a life-changing chance at starting fresh. The Green Keepers are hard at work at the Broadway Malls keeping them beautiful for all to enjoy. Goddard Riverside’s Green Keepers employs people with special needs. Deborah Kaplan, director of employment at Goddard Riverside, says she manages a special group. “The people we work […]

  • Behind the scenes of ‘The Mel Robbins Show’

    MIDTOWN, Manhattan — She’s the most booked female speaker in the world and now she’s bringing her message to the masses with her new TV show! ‘The Mel Robbins Show’ kicks off Monday, Sept. 16 and Tamsen Fadal went on a “behind the scenes” tour of her studio and found out how this Changemaker is going to help you get the life you deserve. What’s going to set her apart from every other talk show? Mel says the audience will be […]

  • G Thing: ‘Miss Subways’ honor a jazz legend

    MIDTOWN, Manhattan — They were known as Miss Subways. Their beautiful faces were plastered in the trains during the time of war starting back in 1941. The program ended in 1976, but these ladies have a camaraderie like no other. Recently, the women, who are part of New York City’s history, crowned 91-year-old jazz legend Marilyn Maye, one of their own. It all went down at Ellen’s Stardust Diner at the “Beauty is Ageless” event. Some of the ladies who […]

  • Inclusion Day at Citi Field is a first of its kind

    QUEENS — It was the first of its kind at Citi Field: a pre-game carnival that celebrated children and adults of all abilities. The heart-warming day was filled with smiles, high-fives and, of course, lots of cheering for the Mets. This is the first ever Inclusion Day hosted by So Fun City. Josh Seiden, the chief fun officer at So Fun City, says no matter your needs or abilities, they are here to help all have fun. “We put together […]

  • Broadway camp provides a place for kids to shine

    It’s a summer some kids will never forget! Creating a magical performance right in the heart of the Broadway District, Inside Broadway attracts kids from the five boroughs and beyond, leaving lasting memories and creating friendships for a lifetime. This two-week intensive camp gives kids the chance to take the stage while learning from theater professionals. Braddon Mehrten has been part of Inside Broadway for over 30 years. His goal to inspire the kids to follow their dreams and see […]

  • Indrani’s Light: Ending generational abuse

    Many adults may not even realize that they were abused as children. They came to know slapping and yelling as normal It’s the life activist Indrani Goradia experienced in her home country of Trinidad and Tobago, but she did not realize it until she had her first baby, who she wanted to hit to make him stop crying. “Something in my brain said ‘something is wrong with you,'” she said. “I told my husband ‘I want to hurt our baby’ and […]

  • Food influencer changes the way people entertain with Cheese by Numbers

    BROOKLYN — Cheese plates are the center of attention at parties, but social media influencer Marissa Mullen is the one garnering all the attention for her incredible creations on her Instagram account Cheese by Numbers. Cheese by Numbers breaks each cheese plate down step by step. “I created this new thing called ‘swipe to build,’ which essentially, when on Instagram, you swipe and with each swipe is a step in the process,” she said. She’s made cheese plates doable for anyone. […]

  • Ocean Cube: Popular pop-up art exhibit takes you under the water

    SOHO, Manhattan —It’s described as beautiful and emotional. “Ocean Cube,” a new immersive pop-up exhibit in SoHo, is transporting people under the sea with hopes they’ll take action to protect the body of water that covers the earth. Ever dreamed of floating through the sea? The exhibit lets you experience this incredible bio-luminescent world. Before I could even experience the exhibit, people were raving about it. “It’s such an experience with every room with different colors. It just feels like […]

  • A new type of dinner theater: Midsummer: A Banquet

    UNION SQUARE, Manhattan — One woman wants you to appreciate Shakespeare as much as she does and has a unique way to draw you in. It’s a sensory experience using food to help progress the story and it’s changing the way people enjoy a show. Inside Cafe Fae, down the hallway and through the curtain, you’re welcomed into a Shakespearian experience. “Midsummer: A Banquet,” a new production of Shakespeare’s A” Midsummer Night’s Dream,” fuses theater and food and is tailor […]

  • Piano teacher breaks through to those who have special needs

    EAST ELMHURST — Music can be a form a self-expression, and for kids who have special needs, it provides a unique way to communicate with others. One piano teacher in East Elmhurst has found the ability to connect with her students and transform their lives. Jeancarlo was diagnosed with autism when he was 18 months old. Today he’s playing classical music and wowing his family, thanks in part to his teacher. Jeancarlo’s father had tried various activities, including baseball and […]

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