Roie Opperman is the producer of the Emmy Award-winning PIX11 News Closeup with host Marvin Scott.

She has worked as a line producer, segment producer and writer for PIX11 News.

Roie previously worked at the Fox News Channel as an associate producer.

She began her professional life as a broadway dancer in such shows as “Cats” and “The Phantom of the Opera.”

Recent Articles
  • News Closeup: Inside NYC’s gang problem; tips on personal finance

    The recent murder of a 15-year old Bronx boy known as “Junior” at the hands of a violent street gang has brought focus to the prevalence of street gangs in New York City. PIX11’s Jay Dow joins Marvin to talk about the problem, from how young people are recruited into gangs to some new, community based efforts to intervene. We hear what Jay learned while reporting from a part of the city where the concentration of street gangs is especially high. Baby Boomers are filing […]

  • News Closeup: How the Democrats will regroup; the 3D gun debate

    The Democratic Party has been in a crisis since the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. It has lost its leadership role in Congress with the Republicans ruling both the House and Senate. We hear from Congressman Gregory Meeks on how the party plans to regroup as the country faces challenges exacerbated by controversial Trump administration policies. At a time when the country is reeling from gun violence and mass shootings, an advancement in technology is making […]

  • News Closeup: How the Civilian Complaint Review Board works; new Alzheimer’s treatments

    NEW YORK — The New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board is the largest independent police oversight agency in the country. Its role is to investigate, mediate, make findings and when necessary, recommend action on complaints against police officers. In this edition of News Closeup, hear from Dr. Fred Davie, the man at the helm of the agency that has investigated some of the most controversial cases of police misconduct in the city’s history, as the board prepares to take on […]

  • News Closeup: Legionnaires’ cluster in NYC; fallout from Trump’s meeting with Putin

    New Yorkers are on alert after another cluster of Legionnaires’ disease was confirmed in the city. The latest cluster has been identified in an area of lower Washington Heights. So far, there have been 18 confirmed cases and one fatality. In this edition of News Closeup, hear from New York City’s health commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett about efforts being made to contain the disease’s spread and what residents need to know to protect themselves. Then, we explore the political […]

  • News Closeup: City Council Speaker Corey Johnson

    There are a lot of issues facing New Yorkers, from a crumbling transit system to a public housing crisis and beyond. The fixes are far from easy or obvious and funding for much-needed restoration can be even more complicated. The City Council is the lawmaking body with the sole responsibility of approving the city budge,  which this year amounts to $89 million. It also serves as a check against the mayor. And at the helm of the 51-member City Council […]

  • News Closeup: Hope for a rebirth of the Catskills

    A trip to the Catskills was like summer camp for a generation of New Yorkers looking to escape the stifling city heat in the days before air conditioning. With hundreds of hotels and bungalow colonies, it became the vacation destination of choice. Best of all, it was located just 90 miles north of the city. But times changed and so did vacation habits. Many locals felt the only hope for the future was gambling. Their wish came true when the […]

  • Gloria Allred on Me Too movement and more on News Closeup

    Gloria Allred has been representing women in their battle for equal rights for decades, playing a key role in the fight for safe, legal abortions. She has also given voice to the voiceless, helping women who have been the victim of sexual assault to seek justice. Allred is currently at the forefront of the ‘me too’ movement, representing many of the women who have accused some of the country’s richest and most powerful men of sexual assault and even rape. Those cases include […]

  • News Closeup: NYC’s $2 billion deal to fix NYCHA; historic summit in North Korea

    The federal government filed an 80-page complaint this week accusing the New York City Housing Authority of mass negligence. The civil complaint cites safety violations affecting thousands of NYCHA residents. It led Mayor Bill de Blasio to sign a $2 billion deal with federal authorities to fund public housing repairs. Under the agreement, a federal monitor will step in to reform the agency. But community leaders and those who live in the city’s public housing units are not convinced the […]

  • News Closeup: The plan to diversify NYC high schools; concerns over Trump’s tarrifs

    NEW YORK — Mayor Bill de Blasio has introduced a proposal to reform admission standards for the city’s eight specialized high schools. He wants to do away with the entrance exams to create more space for minority students from underachieving schools and increase racial and ethnic diversity at the elite schools. It’s a plan that has been met with enormous backlash from parents and educators who think a better approach would be to address the failing grade school system. On this edition […]

  • News Closeup: Fallout from Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet; ageism in the U.S.

    The reboot of Roseanne Barr’s sitcom was off to a great start with 18 million viewers tuning in the first week, but days ago ABC pulled the plug on the series after its star posted a racist tweet. Marvin Scott speaks with noted psychotherapist Robi Ludwig about Roseanne’s racist rhetoric, the network’s reaction, the current climate in the U.S. regarding freedom of speech and its consequences, and the role social media plays. Plus, a new movement aims to challenge the […]