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  • The one thing YOU can do to fix our broken government

    As divided as we are as a nation, there’s one thing that a significant majority of Americans across the political spectrum agree on: our government is broken. Our hope is to convince all of you who feel this way that the most effective solution—perhaps the only solution—to fix our government is for you to get directly involved in changing it by running for office yourself. In a recent Gallup poll, only 34 percent of Americans said they are satisfied with […]

  • 16 celebs who would make great candidates in 2016 and beyond

    Win or lose, Donald Trump has proven how valuable celebrity is to a political candidate, and redefined viability for a whole spectrum of famous people who might have been discounted in the past as deluded narcissists for seeking elected office. Will Smith is the latest star to make noise about running for the Presidency, but he’s just another in a long line of celebs who have eyed elected office over the years or actually thrown their hats into the ring, […]

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