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Monica Morales has been at PIX11 since 2009. She’s been a reporter for PIX11’s morning and evening newscasts, and now leads the Monica Makes It Happen franchise.

The Monica Makes It Happen series exposed major problems inside the New York City Housing Authority. Her reports have been recognized by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and are credited for restoring heat to 55 buildings across the city and getting dozens of homes repairs.

In 2016, she won a Best Live Reporter Emmy for her coverage on the PIX11 Morning News and was part of the team that won for Best Breaking News, being the first reporter on scene of a massive fire in New Brunswick. She exclusively interviewed the Fire Chief live, plus residents who feared they may lose their homes.

She earned an Edward R. Murrow Award for her investigative reporting and a national breaking news Emmy.

She has been nominated multiple times for her specialty reporting, enterprise reporting, and continuing coverage.

She interviewed former Police Chief Bernard Kerik exclusively before he went to jail, and pressured Mayor Bill de Blasio for answers, from Snowgate to crime stats.

Before joining PIX11, she was a general assignment reporter at WNBC in New York, WFXT in Boston, and WTVJ in Miami.

She was one of the few reporters live during the raids on Elian Gonzalez’s home and reported from Ground Zero during the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Morales is very active in the community. She has hosted the Hispanic Day Parade, and has won the Triscort Award for her Catholic faith and reporting, and has received multiple awards and recognition from the New York Foundation for Senior Citizens to Casita Maria.

She now has her own segment on PIX11 News called “Monica Is Making It Happen.”

No story is too small, no problem is too large.

Some of her stories include helping a 10-year-old Hurricane Katrina survivor get a new home, helping a girls’ track team in Newark get new shoes to compete, and exposing deplorable living conditions inside a veteran’s home and helping fix the problem.

Morales is half Bolivian and Norwegian. She is married with two children and currently lives in New York City.

If you have a story, email monica@pix11.com.

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    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a Vision Zero type program aimed at decontaminating 175,000 NYC public housing apartments of lead. The program will roll out immediate testing for 130,000 apartments. De Blasio also promises intensive outreach to hundreds of families with children exposed to lead and quarterly reports and transparency. If you have a lead story inside public housing upload a video to Monica Morales on Facebook.

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