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  • MTA board moves to ban some offenders from transit system

    NEW YORK — Most crimes are down on the subways and buses. But fare evaders and repeat offenders are a persistent problem. The MTA Board has approved a resolution calling on elected leaders to create a legal mechanism that would allow the agency and courts to ban certain perpetrators for certain amounts of time. NYPD Transit Bureau Chief Edward Delatorre described the frustration officers feel when they have to watch someone be victimized and it is often by a serial […]

  • Neighbors fight to save 140-year-old Red Hook building as demolition begins

    RED HOOK, Brooklyn — It’s not just another old building at the corner of Coffey and Ferris Streets in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The Lidgerwood Building dates back to the 1880s. It was part of the busy manufacturing scene in the area for a century. It was purchased last year by United Parcel Service. Reports say a distribution center will be located on the property. Demolition began Friday after the city approved demolition plans. Elizabeth Freund has lived in the area […]

  • MTA board approves 3 free MetroCard swipes per day for K-12 students

    NEW YORK — All NYC students enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade will now get three free swipes per day with their student MetroCards, the MTA announced Wednesday. In the past, students who lived at least a half a mile away from school had to pay half of the fare, and it was good only for the bus. Now, the students will receive three free swipes per day on the buses or subways. The new change was approved during the […]

  • New transit projects in NY and NJ promise to improve your commute

    NEW YORK — Will major transit projects in NY and NJ improve commutes? Millions of people move around the region every day, in all kinds of ways. Transit agencies are working overtime to make repairs, improvements, and keep up with ridership. New York’s major transit project reaches across the region. Penn Station upgrades are continuing this summer to upgrade tracks and signals. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says new entrances will be open next year and the new train hall […]

  • Are you smarter than a 5th grader about the subway?

    Test your transit knowledge and check the MTA schedule before you go because there’s work this weekend. Ricky has a challenge for PIX11’s Greg Mocker.

  • New Transit Courtesy Campaign Appears

    Be nice to your fellow riders and treat them as you wish to be treated. The MTA has tried an number of various campaigns over the decades to encourage good behavior on the trains and buses and educate riders about the rules. The Los Angeles Transit system has worked with a producer to create a series of videos starring a Superhero that fights off bad manners. MTA officials, as part of the larger Subway Emergency Action Plan, have focused on […]

  • Picture Perfect show opens under the Brooklyn Bridge

    You can see dozens of old shipping containers from the East River under the Brooklyn Bridge. They are full of photographs that commemorate current, past and future events. It’s the 6th year for the free show. You can visit the exhibit inBrooklyn Bridge Park and ask about Phototville. Artists and professional and amateur photographers are featured in the show. It was curated by several groups and industry representatives and submissions were reviewed. Pictures from rolls of film also are being […]

  • Sightings of red-tailed hawks increasing around NYC

    NEW YORK — New York City is becoming an even more popular destination for red-tailed hawks. Bird watchers report the number of nests has apparently doubled in the last six years. Central Park has always been a popular location. The birds have also been spotted lately at Tompkins Square Park on the Lower East Side. An available food source is helping the hawks thrive. The 117th Annual New York City Audubon bird count is happening on December 17th. You can […]

  • Family-owned diners are disappearing from NYC

    You can have all kinds of eggs and breakfast anytime. Dozens of deserts tempt you at the door. Get a gyro or some spaghetti or order the cheeseburger deluxe platter. But diners are disappearing around the boroughs of New York City. “You have to be a weight-lifter to get the menu,” says Archie, a regular customer at Townhouse Diner on Second Avenue between 37th and 38th Streets in Manhattan. The NYC Health Department currently reports that 378 places identify as a […]

  • MTA to use new technology to keep New York City up to date

    NEW YORK (PIX11)– Transit and tech leaders want to reward mobile app developers with $50,000 for making the MTA system useful for everyone, including those who can’t see and other disabled riders. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and AT&T Wednesday launched the third annual App Quest, which promises a total of $50,000 in prize money supplied by AT&T, for developers of transportation-related apps in various categories. This year, organizers are urging developers to focus their efforts on disabled riders, including by […]

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