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  • 5 steps to get through school holidays with less stress

    (Courtesy Global Social Media News Service) Shopping, cooking and socializing can make the holidays very stressful. Add a brood of children in tow, and you could turn into a real Scrooge. Keep your holiday spirit and sanity when the kids are out of school with some simple stress management tips. Here are a few: Shopping Any shopping list can be long and exhaustive with the kids tagging along, so make a plan. Write down what you want to buy for each person […]

  • 5 ways to avoid holiday weight gain

      Courtesy Global Social Media News Service ‘Tis the season for holiday socializing and eating. It’s also the season for packing on extra pounds from those yummy appetizers, tempting treats and sensational spirits. You can avoid the inevitable weight gain by practicing a few simple tips. Here’s how: Eat before you go. Don’t show up to a party hungry and attack the appetizer table. A small amount of food before you arrive helps you control how much food you consume at the event. […]

  • Brrhhh! It’s cold outside, time to winterize your skin

      The cold air is creeping in, which means it is time to winterize your skin. Caring and protecting the skin properly with the right skin care products is essential to keeping it healthy during the cold months of autumn and winter. Here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy. Exfoliate With the chillier months here, the skin can become dry and flaky. A moisturizing sugar scrub for the face and body can help scrub that dead skin away. Why […]

  • Proof that smoking bans are working

    5 ways to quit smoking for good

      (Courtesy Global Social Media News Service) Every third Thursday in November the American Cancer Society designates it as the Great American Smokeout. Millions of people smoke, and quitting can be incredibly difficult. But the benefits of quitting far outweigh the challenges of kicking the habit. Here are some tips to help you quit for good: Set a Date Pick a specific day to stop smoking.  Give yourself enough time to prepare but don’t pick a date too far away. Make sure the day […]

  • 9 money saving tips when dining out

      (Courtesy: Global Social Media News Service) It’s very easy to overspend on restaurants. Here are some money saving tips: 1) Bring lunch to work. Do the math: $10-15/day really adds up. The food (mostly sandwiches, burgers and pizza) usually isn’t very healthy and gets dull quickly. Breaking this habit really pays dividends. Taking a few minutes everyday to pack a lunch will you save you hundreds of dollars a month.  2) Cut back on daily coffee. I’m sure you’ve seen your […]

  • 5 biggest money saving tips when shopping for groceries

    1) Try Generic When shopping, you should try generic products. Sometimes they taste exactly the same or even better than the branded products. Compare the ingredients on the back of the package, to see how similar the generic product is to the branded product. Check and compare the price to see how much you could save, and give it a try. 2) Use Coupons and/or apps There are many coupon options for groceries in the Sunday newspaper, online, and even […]

  • Why visiting a family health center regularly is important

    A family health center provides patients with a “one-stop” medical shopping venue. Many urbanites find that it’s too difficult to get to a doctor regularly, and it’s not until they’ve developed a problem that they begin to pay attention to their health. But a yearly, physical exam can often pinpoint problems before they become critical. Having your blood drawn to check for cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid hormone levels is one of the least invasive medical procedures you can have done, but […]

  • Stay healthy, even when taking public transportation

    (Courtesy: Global Social Media News Healthcare) Public transportation puts you in close contact with a large number of people and, unfortunately, their germs. Even worse, some bacteria and viruses can remain on surfaces for days, increasing the likelihood of you bringing an illness home to your family. But whether you’re taking the subway, plane, or bus, you can follow a few simple measures to stay healthy: Keep your distance Don’t sit or stand closer to other passengers than necessary. If someone is coughing or sneezing, […]

  • How to manage your child’s special needs on Halloween

    (Courtesy Global Social Media News Healthcare) Planning ahead for Halloween can help you and your family have a healthy, safe and fun holiday –particularly when your child has allergies or is managing a disease like diabetes. Here are a few tips to help your family and your child have a fun and healthy Halloween: Manage trick-or-treating Just because your child goes trick-or-treating doesn’t mean they have to eat all the goodies at once. Once you’ve sorted through their candy and decided […]

  • 5 healthy fall snacks to make with your kids

      Courtesy: Global Social Media News Healthcare 5 Healthy Fall Snacks to Make with Your Kids Forget about feeding your children junk food this fall and hop into the kitchen with them to create some healthy fall snacks that will nourish and energize their little bodies. After all, a happy family is a healthy family. Cocoa Banana Pops  Bananas are sweet yet healthy, which makes the fruit a perfect cure for a sweet tooth craving candy. All you need to do […]

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