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  • More cast members to join Ben “Batman” Affleck – Larry Mendte

    So the Internet get upset about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in the new Man of Steel movie, which is supposed to be about Superman.  Poor Superman. Now all anyone is talking about is Ben as Batman. And that’s the point! Wake up Internet!  You are playing right into Warner Brothers dastardly plot.  Who runs that studio? Lex Luther? Instead of grousing, why not join in?  I have come up with a cast that will REALLY get the Internet […]

  • Did Syria get chemical weapons from Iraq? – Larry Mendte

    As UN weapons inspectors continue their investigation into whether or not the Syrian Government used chemical weapons against its own people, the world braces for what the reaction might be.  If it is shown that chemical weapons were used, expect a UN backed military response, much like the one that ended the reign of Khadafi in Libya. If chemical weapons were used, where did the Assad regime get them?  One answer very well could be Iraq.  In 1988 Saddam Hussein […]

  • Egypt, America and the leaders we deserve – Larry Mendte

    Egypt is in chaos and the people of Egypt are to blame.  They had a chance to elect a better leader than the radical Mohammed Morsi, but only 43 percent of the electorate showed up in the country’s first free elections. But we can’t judge because in our midterm election only 41.5% show up to the polls.  So we too get the leaders we deserve.  

  • Just Legalize Pot Already – Larry Mendte

    There is just no compelling reason anymore NOT to legalize marijuana use.   None of the “Reefer Madness” claims about pot were true.  In fact, there are many, many proven medicinal benefits. Right now only two states have legalized recreational marijuana use, Colorado and Washington.  It is estimated that each state will see A BILLION dollars in increased tax revenue.  And THAT my friends will be the tipping point.  State after state will see the cash and see the light. […]

  • Kid Rock’s 20 dollar concert tickets – Larry Mendte

    It seems like a crazy, even desperate idea.  A Rock Star charging $20 for every seat in the house, for every concert stop.  Rock acts, like the Rolling Stones and One Direction, are now up to 650 dollars a seat. But they aren’t from Detroit, the largest city in America ever to file for bankruptcy.   Kid Rock is.  And now he is selling out every concert and touring with the likes of Kool and the Gang, ZZ Top and […]

  • Ban the baseball commissioner from baseball – Larry Mendte

    Major League Baseball has come down hard on players for performance enhancing drugs. But when is it going to get around to banning Bud Selig, the commissioner who looked away?

  • Obama’s vacation: Can’t the guy take a week off? Larry Mendte weighs in

    Conservatives are blasting President Obama over his family vacation. Really? The guy can’t take a week off? Liberals blasted President Bush for taking too much vacation. This cycle of vacation consternation is ridiculous.

  • The Snowden Conspiracy Theory – Larry Mendte

    After 40 days and 40 nights sleeping and eating in the international terminal at the Moscow airport, Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who was once the most interesting man in the world, has disappeared into the landscape of Russia, a forgotten historical footnote. The Russian Government says Snowden will live in a secret location for security reasons. I think if I was told that I was going to be put in a secret location by Russian authorities, I may opt […]

  • What Fathead decided to make Obesity a Disease? – Larry Mendte

    One day this summer 100 million people came down with the same disease, all at the same time.  It happened in late June, when the delegates of The American Medical Association made the bonehead decision to classify obesity as a disease. Their bleeding hearts are in the right place.  They wanted to call national attention to a growing problem that causes a long list of real diseases. But more than anything else they want money.  The AMA is made of […]

  • Don’t let Weiner’s wife off the hook – Larry Mendte

    Usually when a politician is in the middle of his sex scandal, his wife is awash in sympathy.  But here has been a backlash in the media against Huma Abedin, wife of notorious sexter and mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.  And it is deserved. Huma learned a thing or two from her close pal, confidante and boss Hillary Clinton, who defended her man twice to fame and fortune.  Hillary first went on the defense, standing by then candidate Bill Clinton’s side, […]

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