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  • It’s a “G” Thing: Materials for the Arts offers shopping spree, free supplies for teachers and nonprofits

    LONG ISLAND CITY, Queens- “We are the best kept secret in New York City!” A community for the creative, from buttons and fabric to wood and musical instruments, this place has it. And lots of it. “This is Materials for the Arts,” Harriet Taub, executive director, said. “We’ve got 35,000 square feet of warehouse space in Long Island City.” It’s sort of a Disneyland for design, arts and crafts. “This place is filled with everything and anything,” she described.  They’re literally taking trash and turning […]

  • Air Supply rocker Graham Russell brings original score to new off-Broadway musical ‘A Wall Apart’

    MIDTOWN, Manhattan- A rock legend is playing a different tune these days  in a new musical A Wall Apart, part of New York Music Festival. “When I was in superstar, which was a long time ago, I always thought God it would be nice to write a score for a show like this so now I am finally doing it,” Graham Russell said. Graham Russell, actually sang on stage in Jesus Christ Superstar. He was also a rock star in his own right, creating the […]

  • Pioneer in sex crimes prosecution, Linda Fairstein, details second chapter as best-selling author

    UPPER EAST SIDE, NY- “I’m a paper hoarder so there’s stacks of paper, don’t kill yourself!” Linda Fairstein laughed. Clutter breeds creativity for international best-selling author Linda Fairstein. “That’s all the books in order,” showed me on her bookshelf. She’s published a staggering 19 crime novels for adult and young readers. “So research and everything is [in] a notebook with every thought,” she added. While she spends her days brainstorming, researching and writing, her biggest source of inspiration comes from experience; her […]

  • Former homeless woman prepares home-cooked meals for people living on the street

    THE BRONX- “Today we’re having white rice, veggies and salmon!” A fresh, hot meal made with love by Sobeyra Almonte and her family. “I actually really like doing this,” Melissa, Sobeyra’s 15-year-old daughter, smiled. “It’s really fun!” Three days a week they come together to prepare home cooked dishes, not to feed themselves but to help those in need. “I can actually look for someone that loves me and really does care,” one of the homeless men said.  A feeling of being forgotten and stuck […]

  • AileyCamp offers dance classes and confidence boost for kids in need

    WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NY- “I always tell my mom, hurry up I have to go to camp!” Christian Herrera exclaimed. Dance is the destination for kids across the city this summer. “This is basically the only thing that I want to be doing,” Herrera smiled.  Every step, plié and pose means something different for these young artists. “Dance means to me like telling a story through moving,” Chloe Dunbar said. “For me dance means like freedom,” Jayson Acosta added.  From ballet and tap to […]

  • WEB EXTRA: Linda Fairstein explains her first attempt at using DNA

  • World-renowned pianist, Byron Janis, shares his love for music, his wife and helping others

    UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan- “Music is my life!” Every note, every melody, every song is transformative for Maestro Byron Janis. “At times it becomes like somebody else is playing the piano,” he described. As an internationally renowned concert pianist, he’s traveled the world fine tuning his craft for more than eight decades. “You have to have passion and perseverance,” he explained. “I will go into my 90th birthday next year, I don’t believe it!” A storied career, soon to be made into […]

  • Harlem’s Hot Bread Kitchen trains immigrant and low-income women for culinary careers

    HARLEM- It’s  kitchen with a mission! “We bake bread to help women get better jobs in the culinary industry,” Jessamyn Rodriguez said. This one of a kind bakery is tucked beneath the train tracks in Spanish Harlem.  “We make thousands of pieces of bread every day,” she added.  Every batch is unique and inspired by the people who make it. “Since we started Hot Bread Kitchen we have trained over 180 women, from 38 different countries so we are truly the United Nations […]

  • Nonprofit transforms ads into creative spaces for local artists

    LOWER EAST SIDE ,New York- “To have my work huge and visible is one of the most humbling experiences I’ve ever had!” From the sky to the street, works created by Elise R. Peterson are on full display.  “You can see this one here on Ludlow and Grant,” she showed us. “It’s something I never thought that would be a space in which my art would live and I’m just like so proud.” She is just one of the local artists […]

  • Nonprofit, Library for All, provides free digital bookstore to kids in developing countries

    CHELSEA, Manhattan — Some 250 million children worldwide lack access to books and basic education. In countries like Haiti, 85 percent of schools don’t even have a library, but the nonprofit Library for All is changing the game. “We exist to make knowledge accessible to all equally,” co-founder Tanyella Evans said. “We believe that in the 21st century access to knowledge is a basic human right.” When users open its app, millions of minds are opened through its vast digital […]

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