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  • Bronx teen scores a full ride to Columbia University with the help of College Bound Initiative program

    NEW YORK—Gil De Jesus lived most of his life in the Soundview section of the Bronx. “I was born in the Dominican Republic. My family and I we moved here when I was six years old with the intentions of my brother and I getting a better education. My father always believed the key to a better life is through education,” De Jesus said. His mother was a beautician and his father worked several jobs to bring in money. Hard […]

  • The nonprofit Stomp Out Bullying encourages kids, teachers and parents to stand up to hate

    New Rochelle, N.Y.—It’s a month to send a message. And Ross Ellis is front and center when it comes to stomping out bullying. “You have to get involved, parents have to get involved, schools have to get involved,” Ellis explained. From understanding the staggering stats to understanding who it happens to. One in four U.S. students say they have been bullied. 5.4 million kids stay home from school on any given day due to a fear of being bullied. Verbal […]

  • College program helps thousands of city kids get into college with solid financial aid packages

    Long Island City, Qns.—Alondra Cena has lived most of her life across from this spectacular view of Manhattan. An only child, she went to elementary and middle school in Long Island City, where she lived with her mom in the NYCHA housing complex. “My mom, as a single parent, struggled a lot with finding work, especially because she never graduated from college herself,” Cena explained. As a student at the Young Women’s Leadership School, it was instilled in her to […]

  • Islanders’ youth program teaches the next generation how to play hockey

    Syosset, L.I.—They skate, they shoot, they score! They may be pint-sized, but these kids are learning to play hockey. They’re part of the future Islanders Learn to Play program. It’s an affordable, eight session program that’s offered at ice rinks in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island for kids, ages 5 to 8. All their equipment is provided. And the best part? They get to learn from the pros, like Islander alumni Radek Martinek and Eric Boulton. “It’s fun. I have […]

  • The Dwelling Place has been helping women transition from homelessness to “home” for four decades

    NEW YORK—There are no frills or signs of luxury. But there is plenty of compassion and caring to go around at The Dwelling Place. Started in 1977, the residence was founded by five Franciscan sisters who worked at St. Claire’s Hospital. ”Four of them were nurses and one was a social worker. They used to watch the homeless women come and go through their garbage and it just broke their hearts. In the early 70’s, when the mental health institutions […]

  • Northwell Health doctors help save the life of a retired firefighter who suffered a brain aneurysm

    Manhasset, L.I.—Steve Calzolano was a New York City firefighter. He had just retired, when his doctor said he had a textbook case brain aneurysm. “Had the worst headache of his life. Out of nowhere. I think right after he retired. Healthy, robust individual,” Dr. David Chalif explained. Steve recalls what was an average day, when things took a sudden turn for the worse. “I was out cleaning my gutters on a rainy Sunday morning. Felt a little dizzy. I put […]

  • CSA’s like Restoration Farm are changing the way Long Islanders get their vegetables

    Old Bethpage, L.I.—It’s called the Restoration Farm. And it encompasses several acres of the Old Bethpage Restoration Village, a living history museum, that’s located in Nassau County. Caroline Fanning and Daniel Holmes founded the farm back in 2007. They first met while working on a CSA at college. “After I graduated, I was working for a nonprofit in Manhattan. It was fulfilling, but i didn’t’ like the desk job. I wanted to be back outside, so my husband and I […]

  • Brothers who lost dad on 9/11 honor their father’s memory with sock company for tall men

    NEW YORK—At 6-foot-9 and 6-foot-11, Dan and Mike Friedman are used to being the tallest people in the room. And it was no different when they were younger. They were often referred to as the “twin towers”. “Irving “Magic” Johnson was at a charity event for my mom’s company. And he signed a picture for us: To the Twin Towers, best of luck, Magic Johnson,” Mike Friedman reflected. It was a beloved nickname, but irony would set in on September […]

  • The Verdon Fosse Legacy keeps the work of Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon alive for a new generation of dancers

    NEW YORK—She is one of the best to grace a Broadway stage. And his choreography may be the most recognizable in theater history. Together, their impact is immeasurable. It’s why Nicole Fosse has made it her mission to make sure her parents’ work is kept alive, and preserved exactly how it was taught. “Over the last few decades, the Fosse work that has been out in the world, it’s morphed over time and it’s lost its multifacetedness, People were putting […]

  • Keeping it all in the family: Mother-daughter nursing duo at Northwell Health’s Staten Island University Hospital

    STATEN ISLAND — Rita and Raquel Cardenas are two peas in a pod. From their looks and their mannerisms, to the way they interact, you can feel the love between this mother and daughter. For Rita, who didn’t have a sister, Raquel was the “best friend” she had always wanted. And for Raquel, who has two brothers, it was all about sticking together in a house full of men. “She was 6 years old and she said to me, mommy, […]

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