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  • Meet the mayoral candidate: Bill de Blasio

    (PIX11) — Bill de Blasio has soared from nowhere to up-there in the mayoral sweepstakes in the months leading up to the September Primary. You’ve heard most of his answers before. More unusual is his moving narrative of a dysfunctional childhood, an alcoholic father.

  • Brownsville grieves shooting death of 1-year-old boy

    BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn (PIX11) — The Brooklyn community of Brownsville is mourning the death of a 1-year-old boy, who was shot and killed in his stroller on Sunday. “It makes no sense, it’s ridiculous” said a resident who was driving by the scene of the incident early Monday. Police and family members say that the original target was the father of the child, who was walking with him at the time of the shooting. Little Antiq Hennis was rushed to Brookdale […]

  • Personal trainer reveals industry secret of before-and-after weight loss photos

    (PIX11) — We’ve all seen those shocking before and after weight loss photos but not all of them are the real thing. One personal trainer is revealing the trick the fitness industry uses in the pictures. Melanie Ventura took a before and after photo within 15-minutes of each other. She took the before photo after she ate a big breakfast, Put on tighter bottoms and let her body sag. Then in the after photo she changed her bottoms from red […]

  • Millions expected for the 46th annual West Indian American Day Carnival Parade

    CROWN HEIGHTS (PIX11) — Five days of celebrating Caribbean pride and culture culminate Monday with the 46th annual West Indian Parade, which will bring millions to party on the streets of Brooklyn. The festivities started with the parade at 11 a.m. and go until 6 p.m. Revelers will enjoy  Caribbean food, music and dancing with colorful costumes. The parade will travel down Eastern Parkway from Utica Avenue to Flatbush Avenue. Mayoral candidates are going to be in attendance and will […]

  • U.S. defense secretary to testify on strategy and justification for Syrian attack

    (CNN) — The world is waiting to see whether the United States will strike against the Syrian regime — and whether anyone will join in. U.S. President Barack Obama said there’s no doubt Syria used chemical weapons on its own civilians and he wants to launch attacks, but he first wants to get Congress’ approval after lawmakers come back from recess September 9. Meanwhile, a flurry of other developments has emerged. Here are the latest developments for Monday: LATEST U.S. […]

  • CVS now requires ID for nail polish to limit meth production

    (PIX11) – Have your ID’s ready the next time you want to buy nail polish remover from CVS. CVS pharmacy customers will not only have to show ID but are now limited to the number of bottles they can buy. This new policy is in place because the drugstore chain is joining the effort against the making of meth. CVS issued the following statement: ““Because acetone is an ingredient used in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine, we recently implemented a policy that […]

  • Nail polish sets off poison gas scare at JFK

    (WPIX11) – There was a poison gas scare at JFK airport this afternoon. Two customs workers got sick after opening a box of beauty supplies.  Initial field tests gave false positives for nerve gas, leading to a large haz-mat emergency response. The FBI re-tested the package, which turned out to be containers of nail polish remover which had broken in transit.

  • ‘You’d have to be crazy:’ 100,000 apply for one-way trip to Mars, but guess what New Yorkers think?

    (PIX11) — Have you got your bags packed? You’ve got nine years to figure out what to take on this first-ever mission to Mars. The first Mars trip is set to take off in 2023 and so far, more than 100,000 people have applied to take the one-way trip. More than 30,000 Americans have applied to be among the chosen 40 astronauts to colonize the Red Planet. According to the Mars One project website, the first crew’s mission would cost […]

  • Cultural pride and politics mix at Dominican Day Parade

    MANHATTAN (PIX11) — Dominicans displayed their pride Sunday during the the 32nd annual Dominican Day Parade. The march went from 37th to 52nd streets along Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. It was a day filled with dancing, flags, music and mayoral candidates. City Hall hopefuls Bill Thompson and Christine Quinn showed up. Quinn was a crowd favorite, receiving cheers and even hugs. City Comptroller candidate Eliot Spitzer also showed up for the parade and received a  warm welcome.

  • CDC reports new tick-borne illnesses in the greater NYC area

    (PIX11) – City residents and long islanders are at the highest risk of getting Lyme disease in New York State. Two deadly tick-borne illnesses have been found in the New York City and Long Island area. According to a new study done by the C.D.C, a new potentially fatal disease called Powassan is a growing threat. Senator Chuck Schumer is supporting a new legislation that calls on the C.D.C to allocate resources to prevent Powassan and Lyme disease from spreading.

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