Heat safety: Stories meant to help protect New York’s Very Own

James Ford is a reporter for the PIX11 News at 5 and 6 p.m.

James joined WPIX in 2007, serving as the lead live reporter for the PIX11 Morning News, covering breaking news and feature stories.

Prior to his position at WPIX, Ford was a reporter for six years at WNYW Channel 5 in New York, where his reporting on Sept. 11 was the subject of the documentary “Dreams Without Sleep,” which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002.

Ford, an Emmy Award-winning reporter, began his television career at WTOC-TV in Savannah, Ga., where he was a general assignment reporter and fill-in anchor. He later moved to WFTV, Channel 9 in Orlando, Fla. He was the station’s Space Coast bureau chief, responsible for reporting all types of news in Brevard County, which is called Florida’s Space Coast.

In that position, he also field-anchored coverage of 41 space shuttle launches at the Kennedy Space Center. Ford’s next move was to WRTV Channel 6 in Indianapolis, where he anchored the morning news and was a consumer investigative reporter.

James is proud to have grown up in an Air Force family, having lived in six states and Great Britain. He and his family live in Manhattan.

Ford is a graduate of Yale University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He also studied Arabic at the International Language Institute of Cairo.

Recent Articles
  • ‘Our fear is people dying’: City urges New Yorkers to take heat emergency very seriously

    DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — The heat will be so intense this weekend that it could be deadly. That’s the word from both New York’s health commissioner, and its mayor, who urge New Yorkers to take the heat emergency as seriously as they would a blizzard. “Our fear is people dying,” Mayor Bill De Blasio said at a news conference Friday afternoon regarding the heat emergency he declared through an executive order.  “People may not be expecting a heat index of 110,” […]

  • More than 200 million people are under watches, warnings as heat wave begins to reach peak temperatures

    Peak temperatures from a potentially deadly heat wave are expected to begin Friday, and major US cities are taking special measures to prepare — with New York City declaring an emergency. Over the next few days, more than 85% of the lower 48’s population will see temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen said, and more than half will see temperatures higher than 95 degrees. About 200 million people were under a excessive heat watch or warning or […]

  • Pres. Trump walks back from ‘send her back’ chant of his supporters, but skepticism is high

    MIDTOWN MANHATTAN — They’re three words that have sparked widespread reaction across a wide variety of media. “Send her back” was the chant that thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump shouted, in response response to comments the president made against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN), at a rally the president held on Wednesday night. However, on Thursday afternoon, he tried to walk back from the chant, claiming that he disagreed with it, and he claimed that he’d tried to stop […]

  • Heat emergency issued by the city: ‘This is now the heat equivalent of a blizzard’

    DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — Wednesday’s heat was awful, but it was just a hint of what’s to come. It’s why the city declared a heat emergency through the weekend, and is urging people to stay in air conditioning, if at all possible, through the 100-plus degree heat that will keep the Tri-state sweltering through Monday morning. The heat emergency that Mayor Bill de Blasio declared on Wednesday morning is expected to make a variety of resources available to help New Yorkers […]

  • Jeffrey Epstein set up sex during work release, and other new allegations as accuser urges others to speak out

    MIDTOWN — One of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers urged other women Tuesday to come forward with allegations against the wealthy financier as federal authorities prosecute him on sex charges. Other new information emerged as well on Tuesday, including evidence that could affect a national election. Accuser Courtney Wild told reporters at a news conference here that Epstein “will never stop sexually abusing children until he is in jail.” “This is no surprise that he was also abusing victims in New York,” […]

  • As the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing approaches, some who built the lunar module reflect on LI’s key role

    RONKONKOMA, L.I. — To this day, it remains the greatest feat of human exploration. The first moon landing’s 50th anniversary is next week, and it simply would not have happened if it were not for extensive work done here in New York, by New Yorkers, on Long Island. The spacecraft that landed on the moon, the lunar module, was designed and built by local residents, some of whom still live in the region. What they say about how gratifying their […]

  • Potential ICE deportations may be thwarted by new legal filing

    LOWER MANHATTAN — ICE, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, has said that it’s set to start rounding up undocumented people throughout the Tri-state, possibly starting this weekend, and deport them. However, a significant development on Thursday aims to prevent that development. Early Thursday afternoon, the New York Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against ICE, as well as against the Department Homeland Security Department, which has jurisdiction over ICE, and the U.S. Attorney General. The 27-page filing aims to […]

  • Ticker-tape parade honors World Cup champs; Rapinoe lovingly uses F-bomb to thank NYC

    LOWER MANHATTAN — They are the best athletes in the world in the world’s most popular sport. On Wednesday, the World Cup winners came to the Capital of the World to celebrate, and to be honored. It was one big victory party, with tens of thousands lining the Canyon of Heroes, the southernmost 17-block stretch of Broadway. The celebration of the U.S. Women’s National Team had many remarkable moments, some of which could spark controversy. One of the first memorable […]

  • World Cup winners’ ticker tape parade is the latest in a storied tradition

    LOWER MANHATTAN — It’s a New York tradition going back more than 130 years. Ticker tape parades are done rarely these days, and are reserved for the greatest heroes and champions, to which the U.S. Women’s National Team, or USWNT, is no exception. They’re the latest in a long, storied series of great (and a few not so great) leaders to be celebrated in the Canyon of Heroes, as the 13-block stretch of Broadway from the Battery to City Hall […]

  • KCON comes to NYC, proving the K-Pop wave is growing even stronger

    FAR WEST SIDE — It’s based in a country nearly 7,000 miles away, but it’s a phenomenon that’s gotten red hot here in the U.S., especially in the New York City region, and is only getting hotter. Now, K-Pop — South Korean popular music and culture — has come to the Tri-state, in a big way. KCON NY has been coming to our region for the past five years, but it’s grown at such a rate that this year, for […]

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