Heat safety: Stories meant to help protect New York’s Very Own

Henry Rosoff is a native of Scotch Plains, NJ, and spent much of his youth riding the train to the city. He is now thrilled to call Brooklyn home.

Rosoff comes to PIX11 by way of stations in Philadelphia, Seattle, Milwaukee and Waco, Texas.

He covered big stories across the county, from the Fort Hood shooting, to election night 2012 at Mitt Romney HQ, to the I-5 bridge collapse, to the recent Chelsea terror attack — along with every major storm and protest in between. However, it’s the stories where he managed to help people with everyday issues that meant the most.

Along the way Rosoff has been fortunate to win several regional awards including a few Emmys and Press Club honors (although he forgot to thank his girlfriend, now wife, for supporting him during his first acceptance speech… Sorry again about that!)

When not reporting the news, Rosoff enjoys running, smoking meats and keeping his two dogs, Violet and Jerry, out of trouble.

Recent Articles
  • More than 200 million people are under watches, warnings as heat wave begins to reach peak temperatures

    Peak temperatures from a potentially deadly heat wave are expected to begin Friday, and major US cities are taking special measures to prepare — with New York City declaring an emergency. Over the next few days, more than 85% of the lower 48’s population will see temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen said, and more than half will see temperatures higher than 95 degrees. About 200 million people were under a excessive heat watch or warning or […]

  • New York’s climate plan includes country’s biggest wind farm

    ALBANY — Solar panels on every roof. Parking meters that double as car chargers. Wind turbines towering above farm fields and ocean waves. A new law signed Thursday by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sets the nation’s most aggressive targets for reducing carbon emissions and is intended to drive dramatic changes over the next 30 years. It calls for all the state’s electricity to come from renewable, carbon-free sources such as solar, wind and hydropower. Transportation and building heating systems […]

  • NJ: Don’t swim in Greenwood Lake or even touch the water

    WEST MILFORD, N.J. (AP) — Swimming has been banned at another New Jersey lake due to the presence of an extensive harmful algal bloom. State environmental officials on Tuesday closed swimming areas on Greenwood Lake, which stretches about nine miles between West Milford, New Jersey and Orange County in New York. The directive says people should avoid making contact with the lake’s water, but notes that boating is still allowed on the waterway. Officials say bacteria in the algae bloom […]

  • Nearly number 16: Video captures near death bicycle crash in Park Slope

    PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn — Surveillance video captured the moment at 7:44 a.m. Tuesday a man on a Citi Bike cuts across both directions of traffic to make a left and is slammed by an oncoming truck. Management at Milan Optique shared the video. Police said the 39-year-old cyclist, who’s broken bike remained on the sidewalk hours later, was knocked unconscious for a time and has serous injuries. He is expected to survive. The crash comes during a deadly year for […]

  • Verdict expected Monday in fatal Bronx classroom stabbing

    The BRONX — A verdict is expected Monday afternoon in the trial of Abel Cedeno, the Bronx teen accused of stabbing his classmate to death and injuring another classmate. The 19-year-old sat stoically for closing arguments on counts of manslaughter, assault, and weapon possession Friday. Cedeno was tried in front of Judge Gross instead of a jury. His defense team argued what he did inside the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation in September of 2017 was self-defense. His attorneys […]

  • City’s new speed cameras have already ticketed 900 drivers

    Hundreds of new speed cameras going up around NYC

    BRONX— New York began installing the first of hundreds of new speed cameras around the city Thursday. The camera outside PS 28 in the Bronx was the first to be placed within a quarter mile of schools. Thanks to new state legislation, the city will be rapidly increasing its speed camera program from an existing 140 school zones up to 750 school zones, at a pace of 40 new locations per month. It was a legislative priority when Democrats took […]

  • Study: Citi Bike is for wealthy white neighborhoods

    BROOKLYN — Citi Bike is for wealthy white people— that is the claim of a new study by a non-profit calling for the expansion of the popular bike sharing service to low income neighborhoods where people of color live. However, that is just one issue this new study highlights. It also points out Citi Bike docks often do not help with the transit desert problem because many are put just feet from subway stops. In Neighborhoods with docking stations, the […]

  • Bike activists hold ‘die-in’ at Washington Square Park

    WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK — An impressive and chilling display of unity and call to action from the New York City cycling community unfolded Tuesday evening. More than 1000 cyclists laid on the ground during a so-called “die in” to call attention to the 15 bicyclist struck and killed on city streets this year. They were mainly silent as a trumpet played music. After the “die in” was complete, all 15 names were read. The number of cyclists killed in 2019 […]

  • Parkland parents stage 4th of July march on Trump Tower

    NEW YORK — Thousands of tiny flags at half staff were handed out near Trump Tower by parents of victims of the Parkland massacre this Independence Day. The Parkland parent led protest actually begin at Strawberry Fields, feet from one of New York’s most notorious acts of gun violence— the killing of John Lennon almost 40 years ago. Manuel Oliver, who’s son Joaquin was killed on February 14th of last year, held a large American flag at half staff with […]

  • 30 years since its debut, how has the ‘Seinfeld’ version of NYC changed?

    On July 5th, 1989, a little show called “Seinfeld” debuted on network TV.  The groundbreaking series caught on with not only audiences, but critics too.  During its 9 seasons on air, it became a pop culture phenomenon, often being referred to as ‘the show about nothing’.  Thirty years later, now in syndication, “Seinfeld” is still captivating audiences around the world. PIX11 took a look at how the city — and “Seinfeld’s” version of it — have changed in the past […]

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