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Greg Mocker joined PIX11 in April 2010 and he has been on the trail of something different ever since.

He was awarded the NY Emmy for best transportation reporter in 2017.

He began his journalism career in 1995 as a Reporter/ Bureau Chief at KTEN in Ardmore, OK. He moved to WJBF in Augusta, GA and then in 1999 to KOB in Albuquerque, NM. At both stations he served as a Reporter/Anchor and covered City Hall and neighborhood issues. He worked at KPHO in Phoenix, AZ until 2007.

In 2008 Mocker moved to New York to produce and create video content for TurnHere and StudioNow.

At PIX11, Mocker has focused on the MTA and city agencies. He has been accused of being “overly dogged.” He is best known for removing a television from the lake at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Mocker graduated from Ohio University bachelor’s degree in Journalism. He lives in Queens.

Recent Articles
  • Congestion pricing plan is reviewed for ride apps, for-hire-vehicles, taxis

    This traffic report isn’t about delays or congestion. It’s about the cost of travel in part of Manhattan and funding for the MTA and NYC Transit. State lawmakers with support from Governor Andrew Cuomo included the first phase of the congestion surcharges in the state budget agreement in the spring of 2018. It takes effect January 1, 2019: $2.50 per trip in yellow taxis $2.75 per trip in For-Hire Vehicles $0.75 per passenger for shared rides Trips that begin, end […]

  • Check your MetroCard as MTA announces proposals for fare and toll hikes

    The cost of the commute could be going up. Since 2009, fare and toll increases have been budgeted by the MTA. At the November meeting, the board reviews the next budget and announces the proposals. There are two options for subway and bus riders. The base fare could increase to $3 or stay the same. The bonus from pay-per-ride swipes would be eliminated in that case. Railroad riders would see a 3.85 percent maximum increase for weekly and monthly tickets. […]

  • Subway delays down by 10,000 for second month in a row: MTA report

    NEW YORK — There was some good news Tuesday at the monthly transit committee at MTA Headquarters. Sally Librera, who heads the Department of Subways, says the transit agency met the goal to reduce delays by 10,000 for the second month in a row. Officials credit the Subway Action Plan and targeting specific maintenance and improvement areas. Riders say the system remains busy. MTA NYC Transit President Andy Byford acknowledges there is more work to do. “Every month we do […]

  • Voters and candidates prepare for NYC Public Advocate election in Winter 2019

    New Yorkers are talking about the election. There will be a special vote for New York City Public Advocate in February. With the election of the current Public Advocate Tish James to the office of New York State Attorney General, the city charter requires the mayor to call a special election after her resignation. Advocates and activists are already gathering to interview potential candidates. On Monday night, New York Progressive Action and other organizations held a forum. Listed as speaking […]

  • NJ Transit train loses power for almost 2 hours

    NEWARK, NJ — NJ Transit commuters lived through a real nightmare after a train lost power in between stations east of Broad Street on Monday night The train lost power around 6:25 p.m., according to an NJ Transit spokesperson. A rescue engine was sent to bring the train to Broad Street. Passengers arrived at the stations a little after 8 p.m., then disembarked to get another train. NJ Transit says EMTs were not called and there were no fights or […]

  • Historic places in NYC offer creepy experiences

    October isn’t the only time when spirits arise around New York City. “History is scary enough,” says Andrea Janes. Her team is available for tours that are called Boroughs of the Dead. The area around New York City Hall is brimming with history. The block has more of a story than you might have heard. Prisons, asylums and neighborhood centers echo the story. Check out some of the cemeteries set around the city. Call them catacombs. The Basilica at Saint […]

  • Developers reinvent Manhattan skyscrapers from the inside out

    The skyline of New York City is world famous. There is a story everywhere that you look. The buildings evoke feelings of history and nostalgia. The view is also always changing. PIX11 News took a tour of 120 Broadway with developer Larry Silverstein. He’s one of the biggest names in real estate. He purchased the “Equitable Building” as it is known in 1980. He is also the developer of buildings in the World Trade Center complex. Silverstein talked about the latest trends. He […]

  • Commuters will see first phase of new MetroCard in 2019

    The turnstiles at the New York Transit Museum turn back time. Nickels were used before tokens. The MetroCard will be around a few more years. The facility offers a look at the past, present and future of various subway and bus topics. New and updated exhibits have been created including a section that looks at future fare payment plans. On Tuesday evening, the MTA’s New Fare Payment Program Executive Director spoke at an information session. “We need scalability and not […]

  • MTA boosting services for L train shutdown

    NEW YORK — It’s going to be difficult for commuters no matter how you look at it; during the L train tunnel work, 70 percent of the regular riders are expected to travel on other lines. More train service has been announced for the big tunnel project along the L line. MTA NYC Transit says more than 1,000 additional roundtrips per week will be added in April on seven lines between Brooklyn and Manhattan. The project is supposed to last […]

  • Firefighter in serious condition after firetruck crash in Brooklyn

    BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn — The driver of a firetruck is in serious condition after a crash in Brooklyn. Several other firefighters were injured in the crash at East New York Avenue and St. Marks Avenue. No civilians were injured in the crash. The firetruck was headed down East New York Avenue around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday when it slammed into a row of parked cars and sent a few of them flying. It’s not yet clear what caused the crash.