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  • Cop who was stabbed in Brooklyn, receives hero’s welcome by fellow cops when released from hospital

    NEW YORK —  The NYPD officer who was stabbed in the neck with a knife in Brooklyn was released from the hospital. More than 100 fellow officers dressed in blue cheered as Officer Filippo Gugliara was wheeled out by his father from Lutheran Medical Center on Friday afternoon. Authorities say the 24-year-old officer was stabbed Thursday in Brighton Beach below the Ocean Parkway Q train station, by 58-year-old Oleg Tcherniak. Tcherniak allegedly assaulted a 78-year-old Ada Volis. He then stabbed Gugliara before he […]

  • MTA considers shorter ‘stand clear of the closing doors’ announcement to decrease delays

    NEW YORK — Straphangers have heard the phrase “Stand clear of the closing doors, please ” for many years — but the MTA says that will slightly change. The agency  says it tested shorter announcements on the No. 2 and No. 5 trains. The shorter phrase that will now say, “Please stand clear” as well as other shorter announcements. “This is one of the strategies we’re deploying to decrease dwell times at stations and provide service while decreasing delays,” according to an MTA […]

  • A ton of illegal ivory crushed in Times Square to call attention to elephant poaching

    NEW YORK — “This is a multi-billion dollar problem,” according to Sally Jewell, the Secretary of the Interior for the United States is referring to the illegal ivory trade industry. The gruesome black market commerce that travels from the wild to the streets is orchestrated by opportunists and poachers.  The industry, which has seen a rise in illegal profits as a result of the growing demand for ivory across the globe, is producing poaching numbers that in recent years are unlike anything […]

  • Police searching for suspects who stole checks in Queens, opened accounts in The Bronx

    NEW YORK — The NYPD is looking for the suspect wanted for two grand larcenies in Queens. Police say on Monday, March 16th, the suspect, seen here on a bank’s surveillance video, opening an account in someone else’s name at the Chase Bank on Fredrick Douglas Boulevard in the Bronx. Before this incident, police say unknown suspects stole checks out of the two victims’ mailboxes. Authorities say it’s a practice called “mailbox surfing.” The suspects then altered the names on the checks to coincide […]

  • Escaped murderers, now on FBI’s Most Wanted list, ‘definitely are someplace’: sheriff

    U.S. Marshals have added the convicted murderers who broke out of a maximum security prison in upstate New York to their 15 most wanted fugitives list and offered a $50,000 reward for information that leads to their capture. The list “is reserved for the worst of the worst,” said U.S. Marshals Service Director Stacia Hylton. “There is no question David Sweat and Richard Matt fall into this category,” she said Thursday. Now in its 14th day, the massive manhunt for […]

  • Subway

    Subway service changes for nine different lines this weekend

    NEW YORK — It will be a very busy weekend for workers on the subways this weekend. Which means there will be a lot of service changes. The MTA says nine lines will be affected. Straphangers will have no access to the No. 6 train at 116th Street Saturday afternoon. The same thing will take place for the 77th Street stop along Lexington Avenue. Officials say E and F trains will run local in most stops in Queens. For more […]

  • Judge backs decision to fire Chicago officer in racially charged hunting photo

    CHICAGO – A judge ruled on Wednesday that a former Chicago police officer, who posed in a picture holding a rifle and standing over an African American man wearing antlers, will not get his job back. The photo shows the two officers, Timothy McDermott and Jerome Finnigan, kneeling over the black man. says the photo was taken at a police station between 1999 and 2003. The station says the black man in the photo has not been identified. Federal […]

  • Conn. cop struck in the face with bloody tampon by a naked woman

    BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A Bridgeport officer was attacked by a nude woman who struck him in the eye with a bloody tampon on Wednesday, according to authorities. The officer was attacked after he broke up a couple having sex on Main Street. Police say Imani Brown, 22, was charged with public indecency, interfering with police and assaulting an officer. The man she was having sex with, Mackenzie Bruno, 27, was charged with public indecency and disturbing the peace. According to the […]

  • 3 alleged gang members charged with brutal rape of girl near Brentwood golf course

    BRENTWOOD, N.Y. — Police have charged three alleged gang members in the brutal rape of a 16-year-old girl and the beating of a boy near a Brentwood golf course last week. The trio, who are allegedly members of MS-13, pleaded not guilty and are being held without bail. Joel Escobar, 17, Jose Cornejo, 17, and Bryan Larios, 18, are facing multiple counts, including first-degree rape charge and two counts of criminal sexual act in the first degree. According to authorities, […]

  • Outrage after disturbing Facebook video showing nude baby being abused in bucket of water goes viral

    Facebook has placed a warning but has not removed a controversial and disturbing video showing a naked baby being abused. The video shows the baby screaming as it is tossed around by its arms in a bucket of water. In the video, posted on May 26, a woman swings the baby in circles before holding it upside down by its leg and shaking it. A Facebook spokesperson said the video is not being pulled in instances where it is bringing attention […]

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