Dr. Steve Salvatore joined WPIX in 2005 as a medical correspondent. During his tenure at the station he has filled a variety of roles; from substitute anchor, reporter, and medical correspondent to most recently former host of the nationally syndicated, and Emmy award winning “Dr. Steve Show” which launched in April 2011, and was seen in approximately 30 percent of the country in 8 of the top ten markets.

Produced by Tribune Broadcasting, The Dr. Steve show featured celebrity interviews, health tips and inspiring real life stories that motivated people to live better and feel better. As a fitness enthusiast, family man, father of 2 teenaged girls and board certified Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Steve brings all of his talents and skills to help individuals achieve their personal goals and dreams. His ability to simplify medical issues and empathize with viewers is what makes him so special. He is as comfortable interviewing celebrities such as Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton as he is hitting the gym with The Biggest Loser’s trainer Dolvette Quince. Dr. Steve’s years of television and real life Emergency Room experience make him a unique broadcaster. As the medical correspondent for WPIX 11 in New York City, he can be seen on the PIX-11 Morning News delivering health headlines of the day or offering health and wellness tips and perspective on a wide variety of subjects.

Before joining “The PIX 11 Morning News,” Dr. Steve was the medical correspondent for Fox 5 News in New York City where he was nominated for multiple Emmy awards, and the host for programs on Fox News Channel. Prior to his position at Fox, he was the medical correspondent for CNN. Dr. Steve has also hosted numerous specials for the Discovery Health Channel including “Birth Day Live” a six-hour televised event from Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women in San Diego, CA. In addition, he has also been a medical correspondent and health expert for “Day and Date” a nationally syndicated program for CBS and hosted his own prime-time special on Fox 5, “5 Minutes to Live” which garnered him an Emmy nomination.

Dr. Steve is as board certified Emergency Medicine physician. He completed his Emergency Medicine residency at Long Island Jewish Hospital and was formerly an Attending Physician in the Emergency Department of St. Vincent’s Midtown Hospital in Manhattan. Prior to his post at St. Vincent’s Midtown Hospital, Dr. Steve was the Assistant Director and Attending Physician in the ER of St. John’s Queens Hospital. He was also an Attending Physician at New York Hospital Queens. He currently practices Urgent Care Medicine and is site director for Stat Health in Ronkonkoma, NY.

A graduate of Fordham University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Dr. Steve received his medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine with honors in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy. Dr. Steve is a member of the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Medical Association.

Recent Articles
  • Dr. Steve: Here’s what happens to your body during Thanksgiving

    Thursday is Thanksgiving and everyone is preparing to sit down and eat themselves silly, but did you ever wonder what was going on inside your body during a day full with eating and drinking? Dr. Steve tells us what happens inside our body during Thanksgiving dinner. For more information, refer to this link.

  • How to cope with holiday stress in a healthy way

    With the holiday season kicking off that could mean added stress in your life. In fact, more than eight in ten Americans say they anticipate stress during the holiday season. Doctor Steve has some tips on coping with holiday stress.  

  • Dr. Steve: Staph infection symptoms and how to cure it

    Last week reality star Khloe  Kardashian contracted a staph infection during one of her visits to see her hospitalized husband. The infection was so bad that Khloe cancelled various appearances for her newly released book. Dr. Steve talks about staph infections and how a person can get them. For more information on staph infections, refer to this link.

  • Dr. Steve: do the risks of screening for prostate cancer outweigh benefits?

    Remember those reports where the United States Preventative Services Task Force said that the risks of routine blood testing for prostate cancer, known as the PSA test, outweighed the benefits? Well, it seems that fewer men are being screened these days as a result, and less early stage cancers are being detected. This could have serious complications.

  • Dr. Steve: Painkillers are not all created equal

    For aches and pains, one of the first things we do is run to the medicine cabinet and grab the nearest relief. But when it comes to over-the-counter painkillers, which one works best for what ails you?

  • Dr Steve: Natural ways to boost health

    Before you reach into the medicine cabinet to treat an ailment, you may want to consider a natural treatment. Jennifer Brawn-Shweiger, deputy editor of More Magazine, was in studio with natural ways to boost your health.

  • Dr. Steve: IUD contraception more popular than birth control pills

    There’s a new trend in birth control for women. Health researchers have found that less women are using birth control pills and more women are opting for long-acting contraception. Dr. Steve sheds light on this new trend.

  • Dr. Steve: New procedure helps fight obesity without surgery

    There’s a lot of excitement over a procedure that aims to fight obesity without any surgery. Dr. Steve has the details on the procedure.

  • Dr. Steve: Your pillow is as germy as a toilet seat

    When was the last time you washed or replaced your pillow? You may want to look into that now. That’s right a new exhibit coming to the American Museum of Natural History is shedding light on where germs live inside and out of your body. And the facts are hard to swallow.

  • Dr. Steve talks about dementia and how it may have led to Robin Williams to commit suicide

    Robin Williams’ wife has finally spoken out about her husband’s tragic suicide – and why she believes his battle with dementia lead him there. Williams first began showing symptoms of Lewy Body dementia back in November of 2013. He took his life less than a year later. Dr. Steve talks about dementia and battling a disease that takes over your body and mind.

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