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  • 13 Metro-North employees arrested for allegedly cheating on license exams

    NEW YORK — It looks like a delay in your daily commute isn’t the only problem when talking about Metro-North train lines. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr., said on Monday that 13 Metro-North employees are now under arrest for allegedly cheating on their conductor and engineer exams. “In this case, the defendants are charged with helping candidates cheat on their license exams, which are designed to test individuals’ knowledge of critical safety information, such as speed limits and […]

  • Police searching for alleged Brooklyn subway masturbator

    BROOKLYN — Police are asking the public to be on the lookout for a man accused of masturbating behind a woman on the subway. The incident occurred on Friday, June 19, police say. The 37-year-old woman was riding the A train when the suspected pervert came up behind her and started to touch himself. The woman walked away but not before snapping a picture of the culprit, police say. The victim says the man “exposed himself and masturbated to completion on a […]

  • Puerto Rican Day Parade marches up Fifth Avenue

    MANHATTAN — It’s a beautiful, sunny day to celebrate Puerto Rican culture. A huge crowd is expected for the Puerto Rican parade in Manhattan. “‘Lively’ doesn’t even begin to describe this event,” according to, the city’s official guide to travel in the five boroughs. The June 14 celebration connects millions of Puerto Ricans living in New York City with their compatriots in the Caribbean, the site noted. The parade is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. on Fifth Avenue and 44th Street and goes […]

  • Stony Brook mother Kristin Kapp abducts 5-year-old son: Suffolk cops

    STONY BROOK— Suffolk County police are searching for a 5 year-old boy and the mother who they say abducted him. Officials are trying to track down Kristin Kapp, 43, for not turning over her son Sebastian Parsons-Kapp to the county’s child-protective services, said police. A Family Court Warrant for child neglect was issued against Kapp on April 27 for not handing over her son. Sebastian’s father, who once had an order of protection that prohibited him from coming into contact […]

  • Hunky cop won’t rule out Playgirl shoot — but there are conditions: report

    MANHATTAN — Ladies love this man in uniform, but will they see him OUT of it? Miguel Pimentel, 33, the New York City sheriff’s deputy whose smoking Instagram photos turned him into a viral sensation last week, denied a report Playgirl magazine approached him about a nude shoot, the New York Daily News reports. The magazine says it did reach out to someone on Facebook by his name, and corresponded with a person purported to be Pimentel, but the lawman […]

  • Michigan man disregards girlfriend’s request, wins $1M lottery prize

    MICHIGAN— It rarely pays to disregard your girlfriend’s advice, but a Michigan man did just that — and became a millionaire. An anonymous Livonia, Mich. man went against his girlfriend’s wishes and decided to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket at a BP gas station. “On my way in, my girlfriend told me not to buy any Lottery tickets, but I didn’t listen,” said the player, according to a Michigan Lottery news release. Later the player found out he had won the […]

  • Suspect in Manhattan attempted rape caught on camera now in custody

    MANHATTAN — Police have arrested a man on suspicion of trying to rape a woman in the lobby of her Manhattan building. Dominique Brown, 20, of East Harlem, was allegedly caught on camera June 6 trying to rape an unidentified female, police said. It happened 3:25 a.m. in the Gramercy section of Manhattan, police said. The suspect allegedly followed the victim into her apartment building and tried to assault her in the lobby, police said. The 25-year-old woman fought off the assailant who then ran away, […]

  • Police seek ‘skull tattoo’ suspect in April robbery at Medford Petland Discounts

    SUFFOLK COUNTY— Police are hoping a man’s distinctive skull tattoo will lead to his arrest in the April robbery of a Long Island pet store. About 4:15 p.m.  April 21, police said the man entered Petland Discounts at 2799 Route 1 in Medford. He pushed an employee while flashing a gun and demanding cash, police reported. After the employee handed over money from the register, the suspect pulled down a rack of shelves and fled, police said. The unshaven robber […]

  • Caught on camera: New Yorkers shine as they stop suspected midtown mugger

    MIDTOWN — Talk about strength in numbers. On Thursday afternoon, a group of citizens thwarted then reprimanded a mugger who tried to steal a woman’s bag in midtown. “While leaving work today, I had the great fortune of witnessing firsthand why New Yorkers are so f—ing awesome,” said Bryant Jackson, of the website COED, who witnessed and recorded the incident. He posted video of the attack on his YouTube channel. The suspected attacker, who police identified as 37-year-old Brooklyn resident Theodore Shearin, allegedly grabbed the […]

  • Staten Island plumber rediscovers Powerball ticket behind pipe, wins $136M jackpot

    STATEN ISLAND – It almost became a pipe dream. Anthony Perosi, a plumber from Staten Island, almost lost his chance at the millions of dollars from his winning Powerball ticket. The plumber had taken his Powerball card he had purchased on March 14 and placed it behind a pipe in his basement and never checked to see if he had the winning numbers, lottery officials said Thursday. “That’s where I keep all of my tickets. I even printed out the winning numbers […]

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