Danielle Francavilla is a 2018 news content intern at PIX11 News.

A young journalist with a love for breaking news and investigative reporting, Danielle attends St. Francis College (SFC) where she is studying journalism and is a reporter for SFCTV.

She has covered a variety of stories for SFCTV. Her highlights include interviewing Mets legend and SNY broadcaster Ron Darling, and covering SFC’s 2018 Spring Commencement.

Danielle also contributes to SFC’s newspaper SFC Today, and is a founder and president/station manager of SFC Radio.

Danielle comes to PIX11 from WNBC-TV, where she was a news desk intern. She was a media relations/PR intern for MLB Network and NHL Network before that.

Recent Articles
  • Ivanka Trump splits with her father on major issues

    WASHINGTON — Two hot-button issues — the separation of families at the border, and characterizing the media as “the enemy of the people” — are getting a bit more controversial after Ivanka Trump said she disagrees with her father, President Donald Trump, on both. When immigration issues arose, Ivanka Trump remained silent. But on Thursday, she broke her silence during an Axios interview. When asked if the separation of immigrant children from their parents was a low point during her time […]

  • 118616122

    The deadliest day of the year for car wrecks in the U.S. is Thursday

    NEW YORK — While one would typically think the deadliest day of the year is perhaps holidays known for drinking, such as the Fourth of July of New Year’s Eve, it is actually Thursday. No icy roads, no increase in intoxicated drivers, but a staggering number of car crash fatalities happen on Aug. 2 — the most lethal day of the year for U.S. traffic fatalities, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). While you […]

  • Man brings his own seat onto No. 4 train — and it’s a full couch

    NEW YORK — Taking the subway can be tough. Sometimes we wish we could just sit and relax just like we do in the comfort of our own homes. Well, one man did just that – taking the comfort of home, right onto the train. Video was shared online Monday afternoon showing a man dragging a brown leather couch through a subway station and onto a No. 4 train. Once he settles in the train car, he is seen lying […]

  • Tiffany Haddish says she was raped by a police cadet at age 17

    NEW YORK — Comedian Tiffany Haddish said that she was raped by a police cadet at age 17, in an interview with Glamour Magazine. “That whole experience put me in such a messed up place for a long time,” Haddish said in the article, published online Tuesday. She said she went to counseling and now her defense mechanism is to be aggressive with men, before they have the chance to be aggressive with her. The Glamour interview isn’t the first time Haddish publicly […]

  • New ‘spectacular’ species of frog discovered; researcher names it after granddaughter

    MANCHESTER, England – One of the world’s “most spectacular frogs” has been identified, after 20 years of research and 100 years of being on zoologists’ radars. The University of Manchester announced the news on Monday. Researcher Andrew Gray named the creature Sylvia’s Tree Frog, Cruziohyla sylviae, after his 3-year-old granddaughter. “It’s remarkable that such a distinctive new species has remained undetected for such a long time,” Gray said. The frog was first accounted for over 100 years ago and less […]

  • Indecisive bank robber changes his mind midway through heist: NJ police

    BAYONNE, New Jersey — An indecisive bank robber police say changed his mind midway through an attempted heist is being sought. The man walked into the Valley National Bank just after 2 p.m. Friday and approached the teller, passing her a note that demanding she give him “all the money,” Bayonne Lt. Eric Amato told NJ.com. While the teller was reading the note, he reportedly grabbed it back, and instead asked her if he could open an account with the bank. […]

  • CUNY students help Puerto Rico rebuild after Hurricane Maria

    NEW YORK — Since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico last September, the island has faced immeasurable devastation, and while full recovery can seem nearly impossible, local students aren’t letting that discourage them from lending a helping hand to fellow citizens in need. One week after the catastrophic hurricane, City University of New York (CUNY) decided to take the initiative to help those in Puerto Rico. “We want to do all we can to assist them at this time,” Chancellor James B. Milliken told the CUNY community in a […]

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